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School Trips for International Schools

School Trips for International Schools

Outdoor Education in a new way: all our school trips are characterized by very specific profiles and focused on different subjects. Their programs are always adapted to the age group of the students and take place in great locations around Germany and other carefully chosen destinations. We can run field trips in German or English. We wouldn’t call ourselves a typical school trip provider that offers program just a couple of hours during the day. Our school trips are like our summer camps: we provide students with a 24 hour program. Motivated students (and for sure teachers as well) get the chance to already be active before breakfast with our “early morning” program. During the day we have a huge variety of activities and sports and we use to finish our days – often after a campfire - with bringing all the participants in our special Camp Adventure routine to bed. All this is done with a high staff-kids ratio of about 1:6 to max. 1:10.

Info Sessions with our Camp Adventure Staff

Join us for our upcoming online open session, where we'll showcase our offerings and address any concerns your school may have. We're excited to connect and support you in exploring all that we can offer. Looking forward to having a chat!

March 14th 2024

16:00 - 17:00 CET

April 18th 2024

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May 16th 2024

16:00 - 17:00 CET
Info session

Teambuilding & Nature Exploration

4th/5th Grade

All students of a grade are encouraged to form a team and learn that developing personal growth is mainly possible because of a clear understanding of their own and others strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the five days program, students have the great chance to acquire new and useful skills. Furthermore a great exploration of the surrounding environment will give them a different and better understanding of nature. Includes: Raft building, teambuilding challenges, survival exercises for beginners, canoeing skills, an adventure hike with an overnight stay.

"No Power to drugs"

6th/7th Grade

Camp Adventure’s cooperation with the German association “Keine Macht den Drogen" (No power to drugs) will give students a good understanding of how “addictions” are developed. The main aim of this program is to raise awareness among students, to strengthen their self-esteem and show effective ways of saying “no” to drugs. Apart from acquiring useful life skills they will have the chance to grow as a team. Includes: “No power to Drugs" exercises, teambuilding exercises and canoeing skills.

Taking care of yourself and others
8th/9th Grade

This program is aimed to focus on the needs of older teenagers. The basic idea is to put emphasis on the importance of helping others and taking care of themselves. Cooking classes and discussions about a healthy life style together with our sport program will help them to understand more about their own needs. Developing skills in first aid is to help others in a proper way. It is a fantastic way to raise questions on how students behave out of school in their “normal” life. Includes: International first aid course, cooking and health course, teambuilding exercises.

Goal Setting
10th Grade

Students of upper grades are facing situations in which they have to make decisions, which will have a big impact on their future life. Figuring out what you want to do later on in the future is one of the main questions that arises among students of this age group. Our program includes special exercises for goal setting and as a highlight we offer our Outdoor Alpine Biwak and Solo, so everyone really gets precious time to disconnect, think and reflect. Includes: Special personal goal setting exercises, alpine hike with Biwak, SOLO.

Sight Seeing

On request we offer specialized “German culture” day trips (which can also be included into the program). All these excursions target at making culture more hands-on and offer sightseeing trips with our GPS geocaching crew in a completely different and interactive way.

Special locations
for special programs
Since many years we have been working together with the best locations in Europe. We are specialized in outdoor education programs and use facilities from partners that best match your school’s needs. There is a great variety including everything from adventurous campgrounds to an outdoor station close to the Austrian Alpes. In all our trips we aim to deliver our characterizing “adventure feeling” and do not want the kids to stay in luxury hotels, but in great outdoor centers that focus on the most important thing: the nature surrounding them.
Program Examples
for Outdoor Education programs

We are flexible with the duration, location and program of all trips. Just get in touch with us and we develop a tailor-made school camp adapted to your needs.

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Here are four out of many program examples:

Walsrode (Niedersachsen)

€ 335 / student
  • Wooden cabins (4-8 bed rooms)
  • 24h supervision
  • Teambuilding, survival, high ropes, flying fox parcour, kayak, etc.
  • Excursion to Heide-/Serengeti Park
  • 1 teacher free per 11 students

Prebelow (Brandenburg)

€ 395 / student
  • Youth hostel (4-6 bed rooms)
  • 24h supervision
  • Teambuilding, survival, raft building, GPS treasure hunt, scavenger hunt
  • Hike with overnight 
  • 1 teacher free per 11 students

Spitzingsee (Bavaria)

€ 395 / student
  • Youth hostel (4-6 bed rooms)
  • 24h supervision
  • Teambuilding, outdoor, survival, raft building, box climbing, river crossing
  • Hike in the Alps with overnight
  • 1 teacher free per 11 students

Berchtesgaden (Bavaria)

€ 395 / student
  • Youth hostel (4-6 bed rooms)
  • 24h supervision
  • Rafting, teambuilding, outdoor, survival, catapult challenge
  • Hike to Austria with overnight
  • 1 teacher free per 11 students
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