Current information about our camps
Office opening hours (17.12.2020)

Dear friends of Camp Adventure,

And again a year is almost over, this time a very special one for all of us. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Due to the upcoming holidays, the office is closed from December 18th - January 3rd.
Of course you can still book your next camp!

Your team from Camp Adventure


Risk Areas in Germany do not have to be tested anymore (16.10.2020)

Dear friends of Camp Adventure,

In our autmn camps till yesterday it was forbidden for children to come untested if they are living in a "risk  area" within Germany. That law has changed so that we can welcome everyone from Germany who hasn't be in touch with COVID people no matter where they live.

Best regards,

Your Camp Adventure Team

Availability office (07.10.2020)

Dear friends of Camp Adventure,

During the autumn and winter months our office will be open from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm. During this time you can reach us by phone and we will answer all emails. 

All dates for 2021 are confirmed and our camps can already be booked on our website 

In case your child is attending one of our October camps you will receive a 24hour emergency number together with your travel documents in order to be able to reach us outside office hours in case of an emergency.

Best regards,

Your Camp Adventure Team

All camps are running great - telephone line today broken (07.07.2020)

After Walsrode now Moelln has started as well and we have to say: the kids are having lots of fun and our Anti Corona plans are really working out! Everyone is in small groups and is still enjoying the nature and all the activities,

As not everything can run smooth a construction company thought it is really funny to destroy the telephone and internet line to our office. So since yesterday we cannot be reached by phone. Hopefully this afternoon everything will be working again. So dont worry we are still there - we might need some time with our answer though :-)

YES WE CAAAMP (22.06.2020) - all german locations will open this summer

Finally we know what happens - at least if everything stays the same. YES WE CAMP! We will be opening up Walsrode, Mölln, Hachen and Regen. Regen the adventure camp will be moved up to Regen Sport + Language Camp for July and the plan is to open both locations in Regen on the 26.7.. . All Camps outside of Germany will be cancelled - participants will receive an Email with all the information this week. We have options for you already reserved so dont worry!

We ask you to wait till you receive an email from us if you signed up already till you do the last payment as some camps there will be a surcharge due to changed capacities and more staff. You can find all the information here in German FAQ_Corona_2.pdf the English Version will be uploaded soon.

Mainly we will have all activities available but it will be preassigned to the small groups that we will form. Participants from risk areas according to the RKI will not be able to join.

If you still want to join in please just click on "Booking" where you can find the availabilities. The camps will be different - but still amazing :). We can not wait to see you all back!

Latest news for the summer (03.06.2020)

Dear Families,
Today we have got some great news to share with you. We are so excited as we are actually allowed to open the first camps!
Following information apply to all of our camps but of course they are still subject to the current developments.
·         To minimize the risk of an outbreak of the virus at one of our camps we will form small cohorts on site. Within those easily manageable small groups we probably won’t have to maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 m any longer but for sure we will still need to keep the distance towards other groups on site. This information is based on a paper which was just released by the state chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the biggest counties in Germany. The exact size of those cohorts will depend on respective national regulations. If other federal states follow the example of North Rhine-Westphalia we are looking at cohorts of 10 to 15 children. This would also almost mean that we should be able to run our activities without any major restrictions within our small cohorts. However, despite those easings you can be assured that we are still cautious and that we will avoid all unnecessary contacts between the campers.
·         Of course, we will also adhere the maximum tent/room capacities allowed by the local authorities. Those are expected to be in the region of 50% – 80%.
·         Naturally, we cannot accept participants coming from countries/places considered as risk areas at the time of the scheduled arrival. The same applies to children currently suffering from Covid-19 and children who are in quarantine. We must also ask you to refrain from sending your children to camp in case they have developed symptoms that could indicate a possible infection with the Corona virus over the last 14 days before arrival at camp. This could be a high temperature, a sore throat or a cough. As an additional precaution, we will perform a medical check upon arrival and take the temperature of all students.
·         Moreover, our risk assessments and hygiene plans are adapted on a daily basis in accordance to the latest legal requirements. In addition Camp Adventure has been certified by EPICERT and all staff have attended a special training to prevent epidemics.
·         If, despite all precautions there is a suspected case on site, the affected cohort will be tested immediately and isolated until the results are available. In case the results are positive, unfortunately all children being part of this cohort need to be picked up by theirs parents right away. Of course, we take good care of all participants until the parents arrive at camp.
From now on we will take basic decisions about every single camp 4 weeks prior to the start of your trip. Those specific decisions will be communicated by email directly to all registered participants. If your camp starts later in summer, we kindly ask you to be patient and to wait until the 4-week deadline is reached. As directives are still being changed it just makes little sense to take decisions at an earlier stage. This way we just hope to give you a little more security in terms of planning (with slight reservations of course as we all learned that there is simply no 100% certainty at the moment). Should we still have to cancel a trip short notice, we will always try to offer you alternative camps.
Our team is already swirling around and very excited to welcoming you very soon. We have created some great new activities for you, which can be carried out in a safe way but that are still guaranteed to offer just as much fun – taking place in a perfect surrounding, well shielded from the outside world. We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon and to enjoy great evenings together at the camp fire!
Your Camp Adventure Team

Safety Certificate against Covid19 (26.05.2020)

We are please to announce that we are holding a certificate EPICERT. EPICERT is established to integrate feasible systems to prevent the spreading of the pandemia. We will keep you updated as soon as we have more information.

For the camps we are still very positive that they are happening and are waiting for the new regulations. Only our camp in Ireland had to be cancelled.

Summer is coming (07.05.2020)

Wow, we can probably open at the end of May, at least in Germany, and are really looking forward to it. Please have a little patience, as we see what exactly this means for our summer camps. We expect the guidelines in the coming week and then we'll plan right away. If there is a capacity limit, all those who are booked in by then will have priority on the places - so don't worry, you'll definitely get the information first! Even if you book now: you don't have to pay a deposit and there is no risk!

Thanks to all the families (12.04.2020)

Dear friends of Camp Adventure,

We have always been aware of the fact that we are blessed with great families as customers and a fantastic team that stands behind us in good times and bad. And this special commitment is exactly what we are now experiencing every single day.

Over the past weeks we have received so much encouragement from your side, we have read so many moving emails and experienced an incredible solidarity – we are just overwhelmed and want to thank you for such a massive support!

But where do we go from here? It is a fact that we had to cancel our Easter Camps due to official regulations and of course for the protection of the population. It is also confirmed that there won’t be any school trips and most likely, no other group travel until the beginning of the summer holidays. Nobody can currently predict what the summer will look like. But you know what, we remain optimistic and simply hope that we will be able to reopen very soon. Maybe with a smaller number of children, medical checks upon arrival or other sensible measures. But we just can’t imagine a summer without you!

Unfortunately, there have been cancellations and there might be some more but whenever you decide to accept our offer to rebook your travels or to convert payments already made into vouchers it’s that fresh breeze that keeps us going. We are thrilled how many of those who unfortunately had to do without an Easter camp already chose one of those options despite the fact that there are quite a few families out there who have to worry about their own professional and financial situation. We highly appreciate your support – you are just amazing!

We will definitely survive this difficult time by using our financial reserves and thanks to economic aid and fresh loans. And we will emerge from the crisis stronger than before, also due to your encouragement and because we all know how important summer camps are for the wellbeing of our children. Not only as recreation areas without any web conferences and as retreats from the general digital overload we are currently exposed to, but also as places where social contact, a sense of community and nature are central and where people can regain a certain strength after such a stressful and tiring crisis.
And last but not least we know how important it is for you as parents to be able to take a well-deserved break after these exhausting and challenging weeks, knowing that your children are well looked after at camp.

In case you would like to continue helping us, please tell other families about your camp experiences by using social media; just post some funny pictures or write a nice review. In the meantime, we're continuing to prepare our camps and train our international team so that we are ready for summer because one thing is for sure:  Giving up is not an option. Stay healthy and think positive. This crisis will also end at some point – hopefully very soon!

Your Camp Adventure Team

Jan Vieth, Founder & General Manager of Camp Adventure
Upcoming events
Family weekends Lueneburger Heide new dates (12.08.2020)

We have more dates for our family weekends in the Lueneburger Heide. Experience a weekend in the heart of nature with sports, fun, action and relaxing!

Regardless of which country or culture a child, teen or staff member comes from – they should all feel comfortable together and experience a unique and unforgettable time at camp.

Jan Vieth, Founder & General Manager of Camp Adventure

Camp Adventure was founded by Jan Vieth in 2002, and since then, has been connecting the positive aspects of German holiday camps and Canadian summer camps to provide outstanding and unique adventure and sport holiday experiences for kids and teenagers from all over the globe. Since 2015 we offer outdoor experiantial School Trips in our own Camp Adventure Academy in Walsrode, North Germany.

Camp Adventure specializes in outdoor programs and activities renowned for incorporating an adventurous flair with nature awareness, teamwork and building self-esteem. As an expert provider of adventure camps, we also offer consulting for hotels, resorts and outdoor leisure businesses interested in program design and development.

What we offer
Germany, England, Northern Ireland

International Sports & Language Camps

Our international Sports & Language Camps in Germany, Northern Ireland, England and Spain combine a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere with unique Camp Adventure energy! Fun, stress-free language workshops and the mixture of original camp games along with traditional sports lead to an unforgettable experience. Join in and meet plenty of new friends your age from all over the globe in one of our international camps!

School trips

Our creative and adventurous class trip programs are characterized by their variety of programs and well coordinated experiential educational content. Our goal is to strengthen the class community, to awaken the team spirit. We achieve this, among other things, through individual supervision of the students. "Back to the nature" is one of our mottoes. We consciously decide to be "offline" for a few days and to relax.

Camp Adventure Academy

As specialists in experiential education and outdoor sports, many students and professionals have used the academy to expand their skills in the fascinating field of outdoor education and/or to grow together as a team. Since 2015 the academy has had the permanent home in the Lüneburger Heide. Due to its diversity and size, the area is suitable for a variety of activities and events. In addition to class trips and youth camps, the Camp Adventure Academy also offers the right location for training and further education, company events, trade fairs and survival courses.
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Our public events 2020

Jan 24th - 26th
Annual Conference German International Schools

Meet us at the AGIS conference in Hanover. At our booth in the lobby we will provide a lot of information about our school trips for international schools.

Mar 4th - 8th
ITB Berlin

The ITB Berlin is the Leading Travel Trade Show for the global travel industry. Meet us there and have a look what we offer in 2020.

Apr 5th - 19th
Easter Camps

Join our easter camps in the Lüneburger Heide (Walsrode, Germany). Try out everything at our headquartes in a small and nice group.

Apr 30th - May 3rd
Family weekend Lüneburger Heide

Spend three unforgettable days together as a family at our Camp Adventure family weekend and experience nature up close with canoeing, archery and much more!

May 3rd
Open house

At 11 am the Camp Adventure Academy opens its doors again and offers visitors the opportunity to get to know the many new activities and accommodations of the event area for free.

May 15th - 17th
Family weekend Bayerischer Wald

Take a look at our location in the Bayerischer Wald. Have fun with the whole family on two great days and get to know us, our program and the possibilities on site.

Jun 28th - Aug 29th
Summer Camps

Experience our great summer camps in Europe.

Oct 11th - 24th
Autumn Camps

New in our program: our autumn camps in the Lüneburger Heide (Walsrode, Germany). Experience great days with a small group in our headquarters.


Bookings Summer Camps 2020


Dear friends of Camp Adventure,
we are still convinced that we will be able to run our camps in summer as planned! Therefore we have decided that for bookings made from now on, the deadline for the prepayment of 50 € and thus the binding booking of our camps will be extended until April 30, 2020. So from now on you have the possibility to save a place in one of our camps and decide until the end of April if you want to take it.
We are looking forward to a great summer with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which languages are spoken in camp?

The main language in all our camps is English. In addition, there is the language of the country in which the camp takes place. As we have our headquarters in Germany, German teamers are always present in all camps. All announcements and explanations are therefore always in German and English. Of course, all our teamers with their different nationalities are also available for individual translations.

Who are the camp counselors?

Every year our team is made up of an international mix. The non-profit association Camp Europe e.V. with headquarters in Hamburg and a branch office in Canada takes care of the acquisition of national and international applicants. Since we have about 50% German-speaking children, there are also German carers in every location. But many also come from other countries, such as England, Spain, Canada and Australia, to name just a few.

Should 12-year-olds rather go to Junior Camp or Senior Camp?

This question is not easy to answer and depends on the individual stage of development of your child. Therefore, as parents, we leave you the opportunity to decide for yourself. In the Junior Camp they belong to the older ones and can explore a lot in a playful way. In the Senior Camp they are the younger ones, who have role models through the older ones, whom they can emulate.

How is my child accommodated in camp?

In the Creative, Sports & Adventure Camp in Neuburg the participants are accommodated in tents with 6-7 persons. These are equipped with a floor and a wooden gallery. The participants can make themselves comfortable with sleeping bag and sleeping mat. In Walsrode the Juniors (7-12) and the Seniors (12-16) can choose between tent and hut. The wooden cabins are equipped with bunk beds and can accommodate 4-8 children each. In the other locations, participants are accommodated in shared rooms in youth hostels, sports centres or boarding schools run by private schools. Detailed information about the accommodation can be found at the various camps.

How do you provide safety for the kids?

Before our camp counselors start working with us, we check their police clearance certificates. You must be at least 19 years old to work for us as a teamer. They must also have a "First Aid Certificate", which must not be older than two years. In the camps we try to make sure that only adults from our camp or familiar faces are on the campground and that all our carers look after strangers.
We have many different camp sites. Some of them are fenced in, others are not. There are no armed guards or the like in our camps, as we believe that these conditions create a very insecure feeling. We do not have a high security zone in Germany, Northern Ireland or England, but we keep our eyes open and do everything we can to ensure that all participants have a great time.

Where do kids and camp counselors come from?

Camp Adventure attaches great importance to internationality. The participants and supervisors in our camps come from many different countries. Last year, for example, we had participants from over 60 different countries and supervisors from 25 different nations. Of course we don't know where they will come from this year. So we are at least as excited as you are.
Every year, our team is made up of an international mixture. Through our office in Hamburg and our branch office in Canada, we reach motivated and committed advisors from all over the world. Canadian and Australian teamers can therefore be found as well as German or Spanish teamers. Due to the different experiences and cultural backgrounds an indescribably fantastic, international atmosphere is created.

How is the choice of activities/courses in the camps made?

If your child would like to participate in a paid profile (e.g. horse riding, language course, GEOlino), this must be booked in advance when registering. In principle, no extra profiles have to be booked. A program with a variety of activities is of course available to the participants in all camps. The various activities can be chosen by the participants on site in the respective camps. We present the offers to the participants, so that everyone gets an insight into the different courses. The children can then register in the lists of the respective courses.

How big are the camps? How high is the caregiver key?

Capacities range from around 30 participants in smaller language camps to a maximum of 350 children. However, the maximum capacity is not reached every week. However, a minimum number of participants must be guaranteed in order to run the camp.
It is important to us that all children are always grouped in small groups of 5-8, with a supervisor as contact person. This way homesickness does not get a chance and despite the size of the camp in their group family, they experience a strong cohesion on which they can count!

When do I have to pay the price for the booked camp?

The deposit must be paid within 7 days of receipt of the booking confirmation. The remaining payment for the booked camp is due 4 weeks before the start of the camp at the latest. Further information can be found in our Terms & Conditions.
Our Team

from 30 different countries

We are not a huge company or a group of companies - we are a family business. Our founder, Jan Vieth, knows all team members personally and trains them together with our coaching team. We have approx. 150 team members from approx. 30 different nations in action per year, who are on average on duty for 4 weeks in our camps. Our international office team consists of 15 employees who work in Canada, Spain and Germany. Every year we have participants from more than 60! different nations and our recomer rate of over 70% also speaks for itself.

We attach great importance to consider each child as an individual and therefore do not make mass camps with 1000 participants. We are also no "booze party beach" youth tour operator. All forms of violence and drugs - including alcohol and cigarettes - are excluded for all participants, regardless of age.

We love Camp


 participants from more than 70 countries


feel the real nature in the best surroundings


make friends from all over the world


leave your comfort zone, challenge yourself

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