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About us

It all began with a project by Jan Vieth during his studies in 2002. His aim was to take the distinguishing features of camps he had experienced in Canada, Australia and the USA and introduce those features to camps in Germany. The main focus is not only varied programs and great locations but also the special cohesion that's built up and promoted in a truly international camp community.

Regardless of which country or culture a child, teen or Teamer (staff member) comes from – they should all feel comfortable together and experience a unique and unforgettable time at camp. Even though camp participants might live thousands of kilometers apart, new friendships are forged in camp which often last long after the camp session has ended. New participants are welcomed by returning campers because that's what they like about our camps: meeting new people, making new friends and refreshing old friendships. Parents often tell us that after camps, their kids have kept up friendships and visited each other, even travelling to places like France, Spain or as far as Canada. Parents also tell us that kids develop an increased motivation to study English in school so that they can communicate better at the next camp.

Another one of our basic principles is that sports in camp aren’t about winning and losing. Instead, it's about having fun together, gaining self-confidence and learning to become more independent. Naturally, conflicts can arise. But we always find a way to solve them together.

We are not a huge company – we prefer to remain a big family. Our founder, Jan Vieth, knows every Teamer personally and always leads training along side the coaching team. Every year we have approximately 150 Teamers from about 30 different nations supporting us in our camps for at least 4 weeks. Our international office team consists of 12 staff members and operates in Canada, Spain and Germany. Every year we have participants from up to 40 (!!!) different nations and about 70 % “returning campers”.

We want to treat every child like an individual, which is why we do not offer enormous camps involving a thousand kids. We are also not a “drunk beach-party” youth tour operator. Any form of violence or any use of drugs, alcohol or cigarettes is not permitted for any participant regardless of age.

We know that it is an incredible leap of faith when a parent entrusts us with their child. We also know many questions can arise. Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions or concerns.

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.
Spending the night under the stars, listening to the cracking of wood, managing a climbing challenge, feeling the enthusiasm of the people – this is Camp Adventure.

Our Camp Team

Camp Adventure is an organization founded in 2002 by Jan Vieth and combines the positive elements of Canadian summer camps and German holiday-camps to offer children and young people from all over the world a unique and memorable adventure at summer camp. Key points to our camps are not only a focus on quality and safety but also ensuring that both Teamers and participants actively shape and create the program in camp.

Years of experience along with excellent and comprehensive training for our highly qualified Teamers, ensure that children and young people spend an exciting yet relaxing holiday with Camp Adventure. For several years we have cooperated with the organization Camp Europe e.V., which specializes in the search, selection and training of German and international Teamers and language coaches. With offices in Spain and Canada, Camp Europe is responsible for a great international mix of staff in our camps.
Whether student or athlete, artist or musician, we want the most heterogeneous mixture possible in our Teams so that our program can include a wide range expertise and experience. Most Teamers are between 19-35 years old and have experience working with children and young people.

We never put our money into major advertising campaigns, but mainly into Teamer recruitment, selection and training by Camp Europe. That is why we are lucky to always have so many applicants for our camps. All applicants go through an extensive personal interview. Our minimum conditions for Team Members: They must present a police clearance certificate, be at least 19 years old, have a valid first aid certificate and go through our one-week training course which takes place at our camp in the Lüneburger Heide.

Our camp directors are responsible for the organization of our great camps. They are the contact for all parents and are responsible for the coordination and management of our teams. They already have several years of experience in our camps and help the Teamers with problems of all kinds.

Our language coaches are dedicated young native speakers who go through our intensive Teamer training for our unique language program. They receive a variety of methods, which they can use creatively and flexibly to fit the different requirements of our camps. Through the successful recruitment of native speaking Teamers for our language program, the campers have a special opportunity to communicate and interact in another language. They learn the language in a relaxed and authentic context. This is a huge advantage over school! International Teamers can also “represent" their country, so that the children not only learn the language but also about the people, culture and customs of various countries.

Do YOU feel inspired and want to be a Teamer as well? Just visit the page of CAMP EUROPE. There you will find all the information on the application!

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We love Camp
Sharing our experiences since 2002
Our Adventurers
Founder & General Manager
Since 2002, every year I have been responsible in the office and in the camps for ensuring that we not only deliver great quality, but also constantly improve. As the father of 2 sons, water polo player and globetrotter, I try to focus on safety, sports and languages in camp.
Language Academy Director

When I joined the company, the Camp Adventure Language Academy was founded. Since then I have taken over its management and everything that goes with it. I am also the contact person for all our partner agencies from all over the world.


Marlen is currently on parental leave, but will soon be back again for all questions and requests regarding bookings.


I am Melissa and have known Camp Adventure since 2017. Initially as an intern, I became a full time member of our office team in October 2018. During summer, I always spent a few weeks in one of our camps as well, for example in Walsrode or Regen. First and foremost, I take care of everything that has to do with bookings, transfer planning and help with questions and problems of all kinds.


Moin! Holger, new to the office team since November 2018. I would like to bring years of experience in customer service to Camp Adventure so that you feel well looked after from the beginning of the booking until the end of the camp. And holidays, especially for children, are simply a great reason to work.

Accounting, Customer Satisfaction

I've been a member of the Camp Adventure team since the very beginning. For me the adventure began in Jan's parents' house. In addition to accounting, I am also responsible for our customer satisfaction and understand the needs of the parents, as my own children are also part of the camp every year.


I am also an "old hand" in the Camp Adventure business. My area of responsibility is accounting and management assistance. I also have a daughter who has been in our camps with friends several times and she will go many more times!

Management of the Camp Adventure Academy

When it comes to our Camp Adventure Academy, I am the No. 1 contact person. Since I also look after our groups on site, I spend a lot of time in our camp in the Lüneburger Heide. I also have great pleasure in leading one of our training programs - the International Outdoor Education Diploma.

Operations, Social Media
I am Kadda and have known Camp Adventure since 2008, starting as a participant I am now a permanent member of the team. Since I have been working with children and teenagers, I have been particularly enthusiastic about experiential education (high ropes course, cave, mountains, team tasks,...). I focus on our outdoor education diploma and the location Walsrode. Contributing to the fact that different people experience great times motivates me again and again to continue.


Started as a Leadership-Camper myself, then got to know the camps as a teamer and now a member of the team. In the future I will take care of our location in the Bavarian Forest and can hardly wait for the trip with Camp Adventure to continue.



I came to Camp Adventure from Ireland as a teamer and in 2018 I took part in the international outdoor education diploma program at Camp Adventure. I am already looking forward to being a permanent member of the team during the organisation and realisation of our camps.


Human Resources, Project Managing

Having started as a teamer, quiet a long time ago, I am now responsible for our teamer recruitement and coordination as well as all camps in cooperation with our partner "Keine Macht den Drogen". As often as possible you´ll also find me in camp, taking care of our location in the Lüneburger Heide.


Group Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, High Ropes Safety & Locations Bavaria

I'm your contact person for school trips & group bookings. Besides little works on our website website, I've got the pleasure of being the contact person for our directors team and training our diploma team in high ropes safety. Coming from Austria I'm in charge of our camp locations in Bavaria.
Human Resources, Project Managing

Tanja is currently on parental leave, but will soon be back again for all questions and requests regarding human resources.

International Recruitung

I am Daniel and responsible for the recruiting of the international support staff worldwide. From marketing and job interviews to feedback interviews with the teamers and camp leaders, I am always there with all my heart and soul!

Chef Camp Adventure Academy

For many years I have been working in the large area of gastronomy/services. In the last 5 years I have finally specialised in a balanced, nutritious children's menu in a very large school canteen. With this experience I came to Camp Adventure at the beginning of 2018 and took over the kitchen.

Facility Manager Camp Adventure Academy

As the facility manager of the Camp Adventure Academy, I am almost always on site and take care of everything that is going on on the site. The team that is there to support me has been in my heart for a long time.


For Camp Adventure I am on the road as a professional photographer. Whether pictures of a new location or cool action videos from the camp - I always have great pleasure in dealing with kids and team from all over the world!

Camp Adventure

Cooperations & Memberships

For almost 10 years we have been a cooperation partner for “No Power to Drugs” and are responsible for their camps and training programs on drug prevention for teachers and students.

We also actively promote the quality standards and international relationships at the European Ropes Course Association and the “Reisenetz”. At the ICF (International Camping Fellowship) – the world organization for camps – we are ambassadors for Germany. Throughout the ICF we also cooperate with many partner camps worldwide and offer an exchange for participants, trainers, and Teamers to share innovative new training topics.

Within the scope of our programs we cooperate with well-known partners like the “VfB Stuttgart Soccer School”, “GEOlino-Magazine” and the European Space Agency (ESA), for whom we continue to operate creative and exciting camps for their employee's children.

We are known all over Germany and Europe for our innovative programs and our carefully and well-chosen staff members (Teamers) and trainers. We work as consultants and instructors for many German and European child and youth tour operators. For more than 8 years now we have been consultants for hotels, resorts, holiday parks and destinations to create innovative adventure programs for kids, teenagers, families and seminar groups. More information can be found under CONSULTING.
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