Camp Adventure offers your group a variety of options for a totally special holiday experience. These include school trips (e.g., in cooperation with "No power to drugs") or company camps, for example as a sponsorship project, or as an offer to the children of your company's employees.

agency, company or school, information about our group deals with that very special Camp Adventure spirit can be found here.

School Trips

Take advantage of our complete service and we'll handle the planning and organization of the class trip so you as the teacher have time for what's most important: focusing on the children.

School trips are important for building teamwork and a sense of community, taking responsibility and promoting self-confidence in students. F
or some, these trips are the only way to have an experience outside their normal living environment. And of course the children and young people take home many experiences that will stay with them forever.

International Schools

School Trips for International Schools
Outdoor Education presented in a unique and exciting new way! Our programs are always adapted to the age group of the students and take place in great locations around Germany and other carefully chosen destinations. We can run field trips in German or English. We wouldn't call ourselves a typical school trip provider which offers a program for just a few of hours of the day. You get much more from Camp Adventure!

Company Camps

Camps with minimum 80 participants - for companies and organizations
Because of our long-standing relationships with companies and organizations, we would like to offer youth programs for your employees during the holidays. Especially during the summer holiday, for many parents it's difficult to get childcare or time off for the whole 6 weeks. We specialize in exciting programs for kids and youth between 7 and 17 years – and offer an alternative to kids who don’t want to spend another holiday at their grandparent’s house. All our programs are multilingual because of our international staff – the camp languages will be German, English or even Spanish!


Info for our English@Camps Partners
Providing services and English-speaking staff to support, supplement and optimize self-organized language camps for children and youth.


Information for our cooperating agencies!

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