It all began with a project by Jan Vieth during his studies in 2002. His aim was to take the distinguishing features of camps he had experienced in Canada, Australia and the USA and introduce those features to camps in Germany. The main focus is not only varied programs and great locations but also the special cohesion that's built up and promoted in a truly international camp community.

Regardless of which country or culture a child, teen or Teamer (staff member) comes from – they should all feel comfortable together and experience a unique and unforgettable time at camp. Even though camp participants might live thousands of kilometers apart, new friendships are forged in camp which often last long after the camp session has ended. New participants are welcomed by returning campers because that's what they like about our camps: meeting new people, making new friends and refreshing old friendships.  Parents often tell us that after camps, their kids have kept up friendships and visited each other, even traveling to places like France, Spain or as far as Canada. Parents also tell us that kids develop an increased motivation to study English in school so that they can communicate better at the next camp.

Another one of our basic principles is that sports in camp aren’t about winning and losing.  Instead, it's about having fun together, gaining self-confidence and learning to become more independent. Naturally, conflicts can arise. But we always find a way to solve them together.

We are not a huge company – we prefer to remain a big family. Our founder, Jan Vieth, knows every Teamer personally and always leads training along side the coaching team. Every year we have approximately 150 Teamers from about 30 different nations supporting us in our camps for at least 4 weeks. Our international office team consists of 12 staff members and operates in Canada, Spain and Germany. Every year we have participants from up to 40 (!!!) different nations and about 70 % “returning campers”.

We want to treat every child like an individual, which is why we do not offer enormous camps involving a thousand kids. We are also not a “drunk beach-party” youth tour operator. Any form of violence or any use of drugs, alcohol or cigarettes is not permitted for any participant regardless of age.

We know that it is an incredible leap of faith when a parent entrusts us with their child. We also know many questions can arise. Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions or concerns.


For almost 10 years we have been a cooperation partner for “No Power to Drugs” and are responsible for their camps and training programs on drug prevention for teachers and students.

We also actively promote the quality standards and international relationships at the European Ropes Course Association and the “Reisenetz”. At the ICF (International Camping Fellowship) – the world organization for camps – we are ambassadors for Germany. Throughout the ICF we also cooperate with many partner camps worldwide and offer an exchange for participants, trainers, and Teamers to share innovative new training topics.

Within the scope of our programs we cooperate with well-known partners like the “VfB Stuttgart Soccer School”, “GEOlino-Magazine” and the European Space Agency (ESA), for whom we continue to operate creative and exciting camps for their employee's children.

We are known all over Germany and Europe for our innovative programs and our carefully and well-chosen staff members (Teamers) and trainers. We work as consultants and instructors for many German and European child and youth tour operators. For more than 8 years now we have been consultants for hotels, resorts, holiday parks and destinations to create innovative adventure programs for kids, teenagers, families and seminar groups. More information can be found under CONSULTING.
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