Reviews from our Participants

Female participant of the Adventure Camp Bavaria, Russia

I visited CAMP this summer and it was the best ADVENTURE in my life!

Usually parents that want their children to learn English send them to one of numerous London language schools and courses for a couple of weeks or all summer. There are boring classes for half a day and the rest of the day children just hang around. CAMPADVENTURE is something different. There are a lot of sport activities, music, fun, a lot of friends and, minimum, two languages to speak.

 There are a lot of funny stories that happen there.

I visited some summer camps before, but CAMPADVENTURE changed my mind. I want to be there next summer very much. With my friends.

Female participant of the leadership program, France

One afternoon, we were having a Leadership meeting and our teamers had told us that a Leadership specialist was going to come to see if we were all doing good in the program. The only thing they had told us was that her name was Louise, she was coming from Ireland and that they were paying her 300 € for her to come. When she arrived, our teamers made her sit apart from the group and she was calling some of us one by one to have a little interview with her. At the end, she finally called 6 or 7 people. Then at night, the teamers gathered us in the kids lounge and annouced that Louise had decided to kick some people off the program because she tought it wasn't suited for them. We all started to get worried.

Louise finally came in the tent and called out the same people she had interviewed. I thought that was a little fishy. I was part of them. I was so scared of what was going to happen next, I started to panic inside and had a huge stomach ache. She called us out of the tent, and when we got out of the tent, there was a bag there, with balloons on it and inside was some ice-cream. And then it got to me: they pranked us ! We were all so happy because we were so scared we would get kicked off! So we went back in the tent, pretending to be crying, but we were all bad actors and they all realized ! There was actually ice cream in the bag because it was Louise's birthday, she was actually one of our teamer's best friend who was actually directing a camp in Ireland and the camps were done so she came to adventure camp to help clean up. That night, we all slept badly because we were all thinking about the prank. That was the best prank our teamers ever pulled on us !

Male participant of the Beach Camp, Germany

The Beach Camp was great…The teamer of our tent group was really nice and we had a lot fun with her.  What I liked most were the BMX bikes and that we spoke English all the time, almost all day long. I really want to come back next year and if it is possible, I would prefer to be in the tent group of this teamer again! My parents already gave their “GO”. My friend will surely join again, too and maybe some other kids from my school class as well.

See you next year then…

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