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Innovation Consultancy

"Spending the night under the stars, listening to the cracking of wood, managing a climbing challenge, feeling the enthusiasm of the people – this is Camp Adventure."

I always wanted to give the people an understanding of the fact that adventure programs can take place in a safe environment and therefore are made for everyone. Not only kids love to get the chance to overcome their own limitations but adults also want to test how far they can go. This is why I founded Camp Adventure. Another kind of adventure for me but it paid off. Nowadays 120 employees, who work for Camp Adventure mainly in summer, make it possible for more and more people to get the opportunity to have those special experiences.

  • Participants who experience their first camp fire after they exceeded their own expectations on the high rope course
  • Growing together as a team due to finding solutions together where there was no way before
  • Managers who realise their own strengths as well as those of their team in a completely new way
  • Hotels and resorts that are surprised by the smiling guests because of the Adventure program
All this is
Camp Adventure

Camp Adventure stands for safety, integrity, togetherness, individuality, responsibility and creativity. In combination with our motivation and enthusiasm, we offer clients and participants high quality programs. Challenges, changes and cooperation should clear the way for improvements. I hereby invite you to have a look at our services in the area of consulting and the building of adventure facilities, also for your house. See for yourself that adventure programs are part of the future of tourism. Thanks to our international network we are able to work for you in German, English, French and Spanish.

Innovation Consultancy

Consulting for hotels, resorts & amusement parks

„Anyone can offer room and board – Camp Adventure will attract new clients to your hotel or destination by creating memorable moments. With highly involved consolation, we will help develop programs and packages that will keep your clients close to your location. The adventure is out there, we will help you to find it!”  

Jan Vieth, Owner-Manager of Camp Adventure


We are experts in programming and outdoor concepts. Camp Adventure can help you find the best programs possible for your location. Due to our international contacts and offices in Canada and Europe, we know when new trends are developing and can offer many relevant products! We are not only consultants, but tour operators as well – we know what your clients need because we work with them! Our program specialists are knowledgeable: gaining experience first in their roles as program directors at our camps, or as team and management coaches. You can benefit from our practical experience  – we only recommend the best products. All our programs are checked for quality, giving you the best value for your money. We are represented in diverse fairs, conferences and trend shows throughout the world. We work together with several trend agencies to find the most innovative ideas, giving you the best outcome!


We go above and beyond in the CAMP ADVENTURE ACADEMY and our team of qualified professionals will provide your staff with the necessary training. We will help you develop new tour options and special offers in your area and always with an eye on safety! We check all safety standards, so your guest will be comfortable and can maximize their enjoyment! Through cooperation with the TÜV Germany and the European Ropes Course Association we can double-check and certify all safety relevant equipment and facilities. Our German engineers and designers will guarantee the best quality and safety standards for your guests.


We will look at each location individually, checking your investment plan and your target group.  We help you find the best options for your clients so you can gain new ones with a unique specialized program: your own personal USP (unique selling point).
Only the best and most efficient solutions will be presented!
We will summarize all programs and concepts in a brief and convenient manner, helping to provide connections with appropriate partners, if needed.

Our Offer
  • Pre-check and assessment of the hotel’s homepage
  • Initial review of opportunities and services in your location
  • On-site consultation with the hotel manager
  • Visit of the location with our special program checklist
  • Checking the program options that are already available
  • Evaluating the suitability of the program for your target group
  • Brainstorming new options with the Hotel Manager
  • Evaluating the integration possibility with the hotel management
  • Summarizing new program and package options for the hotel management
  • Developing offers for program infrastructure or staff training with partners

    Costs for this consultancy package is 1.850 € excl. travel and accommodation costs where needed.

Integrating Hotel Staff /Service Partners

Let us help you awaken the innovation that rests within your employees and your partners. Through a one day workshop, we will create a positive atmosphere and develop the best program and package concepts for the improvement of your hotel.  This workshop will not only generate a great resource of ideas from your employees, but will also motivate your staff to enact the changes needed for success. The involvement of partners from the surrounding area is encouraged to help seek out all that your region can offer (price on request).

Destination Check

You are sure there is much for your guests to discover, but you want to show them the “hidden” path? Following a thorough web and telephone based check, our experts will spend 2-4 days finding new options and specialty concepts that perhaps you were unaware of. After the site visit, a summary of the best program options in your destination and the partners who offer them will be provided. Additionally, we help create complete program packages for your hotel and confirm the safety standards of all partners with our specialists or the TÜV Germany (price on request).

Do you love your project?

So, you have a passion for the outdoors? You want that your guest experience an emotional trip rather than just another hotel? We can help you!

Tree Houses

We realise your dream of having your own tree house hotel!

Do you want to create a unique place of rest and relaxation, offer your guests an exceptional retreat and a special overnight experience? Leaving everyday life behind and falling asleep in the trees in a tree house is the dream of many.

There are diverse possibilities for treehouses:

  • Special outdoor overnight suite e.g. for wedding couples
  • Adventurous Family Room
  • Seminar room. Especially for outdoor training
  • Viewing platform
  • Outdoor treehouse bar
  • Complete tree house hotel concept
  • Youth overnight room with room for 6 children / teenagers

Whether in the middle of the trees, on stilts in the lake or on the flat land: we will be happy to help you find the ideal solution so that your guests can also enjoy the view and atmosphere of our “Made in Germany” tree houses.


Outdoor Programs

We offer a variety of outdoor programs which can be individually designed for you. Besides water sports, climbing, archery and miniature golf, we make your dream of your own tree house or a perfect high rope course come true.

  • Outdoor Facilities

    Tree houses
    Lounge or luxury room? You want something special for your clients? A common room in the trees or a bed room in the tree tops? We guarantee a fantastic view and a unique feature for your house.

    We design a tree house according to your desire. You’ll get several drafts, different perspectives, a sketch and information about legal issues and regulations.

    Adventure Miniature Golf Course
    The Adventure Miniature golf Parkour is a special adventure for families and any kind of groups. The exceptional stations are built from natural materials and create an experience beyond fantasy and gravity.

    According to the conditions we design a parkour with 8-16 stations in little ponds, slopes or hollows. Courses with certain themes like “Safari wilderness” or “water world” are also possible. Let us show you our creativity. Camp Adventure provides you with all the equipment and briefs your employees on how to operate system. No special training is required.

    Archery facility
    With a professional archery range that is suitable for beginners and experienced shooters, your range of activities can be expanded with this exciting highlight. The quick set up and removal of about 15 minutes is a big advantage and lets you react immediately to the client´s wishes.

    Camp Adventure provides the whole equipment for indoor and outdoor solutions including 3D targets. Alternatively we can equip the facility with natural materials to create a real adventure atmosphere. We supply 4 bows for right-handed people and 2 for left-handed, several arrows, one net and a complete set of materials for repair.
    The required trainings and certifications for safe handling to usual standards of “Archery Instructors” are offered by the Camp Adventure Academy.

    Artificial rock climbing
    A freestanding climbing tower is a perfect outdoor attraction for your hotel or resort. Each tower consists of one vertical, two inclined facades and one overhang. There are 14 climbing routes with different levels.

    You can choose between different sizes:

    6m and 110m² climbing space
    7m and 129m² climbing space
    8m and 147m² climbing space
    9m and 165m² climbing space
    10m and 184m² climbing space

    Scope of delivery: climbing steel tower, mats, self-saving equipment, removable cover plate, instructions for use, guarantee precautions, maintenance precautions.
    The climbing rocks are based on European standards EN 12572 with a two year guarantee and a maintenance contract. If you want to we can send you a calculation including transportation and installation.
    Adventure Lounge
    The Adventure Lounge is a common room to relax and for adventures at the same time. It invites you with its different stations to spend the evening after an adventurous day.

    For the tireless of you, there is an indoor climbing wall, a kicker, darts, billiard and many other team sports available. During the breaks, a comfortable sofa area with a fireplace corner is available so that the events of the day can be reflected on; or to conduct an informal training reflection with company groups. A light and sound system lets you create the atmosphere you would like to have. You can for example project the pictures of the adventure day on the screen. Depending on the local conditions, there is the possibility to reorganise the room or to build a wooden hut with access to the catering of your hotel.

    Low Rope Teambuilding Course
    The elements of the Low Rope Course will be placed at a low height so that people with fear of heights can participate. We experienced that participants left their own comfort zone and met fears that blocked their professional or personal life in some way. Each challenge aims at supporting the other team members and acting as a team.

    A successful participation forms confidence, reputation, leadership skills and even friendships. Low Rope Courses are a great opportunity for teambuilding in companies, sports clubs, families or students in school. The course helps improve communication, problem solving and bonding. The activities according to the target groups are a part of the marketing of your house that helps you attract new guests. In small groups you work on communication skills, patience, innovative thinking and techniques for problem solving. Participants have to go through a spider’s web, swing over a "bottomless hole" or pass a bog with alligators in it. Elements of the low ropes can be placed as a station or as portable constructions to use them for events with 8-16 people.
    Camp Adventure plans and constructs a course that fits to the furnishing of your hotel or resort. Families, companies and guests will be brought together in a whole new way with the course. We also train your employees in the Camp Adventure Academy with a Low Ropes Course Instructors certification.

    Two examples (other activities on request):

    Spider’s web
    The goal of the spider’s web is to move all participants through the holes of the big web without touching the ropes. You cannot use those openings that were used by other participants. If a person touches the ropes by accident they have to begin again and go through the same opening.

    Team wall
    The goal here is to climb a 3,5m wall. This challenge causes that the participants realise that blockades are possible even if they never thought there could be some. Those blockades are conquerable with the help of others. This activity is often used to show that you are only successful in a team with a considered plan.

    High Rope Courses the ground or in the forest
    In High Rope Courses you get to know your personal limits and try to overcome them as a single person or in a group. The height and the apparent possibility to fall is an intense feeling for the participants. On the other side it is a way of raising self-confidence and is therefore good for overcoming other fears.

    We offer different models:
           1.    High Rope Elements with the focus on team training (for seminar and business groups)
           2.    Adventure park with the focus on fun (for families and leisure guests)
           3.    High Rope Work and Fun Station as a mixture of both (for business groups and leisure guests)

  • Outdoor Program

    Canoeing and kayaking
    The element water is a fascination for many people. Noiseless sliding through the silent nature or powerful paddling in a competition – those experiences make a mental note.
    Is there a sea next to your hotel or resort that you want to use? We support you by collecting new ideas for you and your guests. Activities like sea kayaking for the exploration of nature, canoeing in the night or raft building are possible if you want to do something for team building with your managers. According to your wishes and nature conditions we create the ideal concept for you. Of course we pay attention to the currents as well as to safety precautions to reduce the risk for your guests. In addition we support you regarding the necessary equipment for example life jackets and are responsible for the training of your employees.

    Camp fire places and program
    Wild camp fire romance under the stars – this is how real adventures begin and a nice alternation for your guests to create an impressive evening. During an outdoor cooking not only culinary highlights like s’mores and corn cobs but also teamwork will be tested.
    A rustic place, with roofing if you wish, invites you to a friendly being together - independent of the season. A perfect place for families or seminar groups that want to finish off an adventurous day in pure nature.

    Water sports
    A water world that guarantees a lot of fun for every age group. If you want to up value a pool territory or have an access to waters, water sports equipment is a fitting option for you and your guests.
    The material makes the products solid because the PVC is extremely strong, safe and is produced for commercial use. Our product variety goes from water trampolines to incredible ice bergs.

    GPS Explorer Rally
    Let us create a tailored GPS Rally by our experienced Adventure Team with team tasks for the participants. They’ll develop a program including challenges for kids and teens as well as for seminar groups.
    Groups can independently experience the surrounding area of your hotel. They can put historical places to their route so that the GPS can guide them through an exciting treasure hunt. Benefit from our experiences!

  • Conceptual organization of High Rope Courses

    Climbing in a High Rope Course means an ultimate challenge for groups and teams. On ropes between trees or on wooden poles the participants experience adventures. The High Rope Course is seen as an element to consider your personal limits and risk behavior. You can observe how every single person works under pressure and in how far he or she is able to agree to support and help of others.

    There is the opportunity to have team trainings in a high rope course as a group experience. All elements are connected so you can choose on your own which way to go next. Furthermore there are different tasks where people have to be saved in a safety chain from their colleagues. Alternatively the parkour can be built in a straight line, the so-called Adventure Park. Here the participants go through the parkour one by one and face up to the exercises. Those high rope courses can be set up as one element or as a series.

    Special: Our 1 meter “Mini High Rope Courses” are another highlight for children from 3-6 years. Please contact us for any kind of consultation. In a conversation we find the best option for you.

    Forest or open area?
    High Rope Courses can be placed between trees in the forest or at other points or even at a combination of those two. The ropes in the forest are fixed on the trunks so that the trees won’t be bored. Depending on the local conditions we build up the elements in a forest or in an open space. Camp Adventure works closely together with you and the organization to create a climbing parkour according to your wishes. The needs of your guests will also be taken in consideration.

    Safety and technical standards
    All installations are delivered with the necessary equipment like helmets and belts. Of course you will be supervised by an instructor that has been trained in our High Rope Course Safety Instructor Training based on the ERCA standards in the Adventure Camp Academy.

    Examples of High Rope Course elements

    The most frequently chosen exercises for team training are the following ones (more elements on request):

    Giant Swing
    One participant is attached to a 5m long rope which is 2m over the ground. He will be uplifted with a belt by the help of his team. The participant can influence the height with a STOP-regulation and can activate the panic hook himself. The following swing effect is called Giant Swing – an amazing feeling of weightlessness!

    Team Ladder
    Three connected participants try to climb a shaky rope ladder together. They are saved by a top rope protection and have to help each other. 12 participants will be in action at the same time – a physical and mental challenge is guaranteed!

    Flying Bridge
    Flying Bridge is a bridge of 8m that is only accessible with the support of the team. The steps of the bridge are very shaky and are stabilized by the ground team with ropes. To complete this task clear instructions within the team are necessary. The participant is saved additionally by a specialized team. All in all a great team activity where communication and team work is a must.

    Flying Fox
    For a jump on a rope way drive a lot of courage is demanded. The rope ways are about 200m long, depending on the attachment points. After the adrenalin rush the participant gets out of the ropeway by himself. A special machine ensures that the participant don’t rope down too quick or too rough.

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