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Camp Adventure Informs Interested Parents About Summer Camps for Children and Teens

Hamburg, February 21, 2024 – Camp Adventure, a leading provider of international adventure, sports, and language camps, invites interested parents to an informative online meeting. The purpose of this event is to provide parents who may want to enroll their children in the upcoming camps with essential information. Already registered parents are also welcome to gain further insights into the camp experience.

Topics of the Meeting:

  • Camp Programs: Learn more about the diverse camp programs in Germany, England, and Spain.
  • Activities: Explore the exciting activities that await children and teens during the camps.
  • Safety and Supervision: Get informed about our strict safety guidelines and qualified staff.
  • Q&A Session: Directly ask questions to our team.

Camp Adventure looks forward to assisting parents in making an unforgettable summer experience for their children. For additional information about the camps and registration, please visit the official Camp Adventure website.

But do not worry: all necessary info you will get by mail anyways if  you cannot attend. After giving you all more informations about this summer we will have  open question rounds in the different breakout rooms of the locations.

June 10, 2024 / English

Noon-1:30 pm CET

July 16, 2024 / English

Noon-1:30 pm CET

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