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“Anyone can offer room and board – Camp Adventure will attract new clients to your hotel or destination by creating memorable moments. With highly involved consultation, we will help develop programs and packages that will keep your clients close to your location.The adventure is out there, we will help you to find it!”

Jan Vieth, Managing Owner of Camp Adventure


We are experts in programming and outdoor concepts. Camp Adventure can help you find the best programs possible for your location. Due to our international contacts and offices in Canada and Europe, we know when new trends are developing and can offer many relevant products! We are not only consultants, but tour operators as well – we know what your clients need because we work with them! Our program specialists are knowledgeable: gaining experience first in their roles as program directors at our camps, or as team and management coaches. You can benefit from our practical experience  – we only recommend the best products. All our programs are checked for quality, giving you the best value for your money. We are represented in diverse fairs, conferences and trend shows throughout the world. We work together with several trend agencies to find the most innovative ideas, giving you the best outcome!


We go above and beyond in the CAMP ADVENTURE ACADEMY and our team of qualified professionals will provide your staff with the necessary training. We will help you develop new tour options and special offers in your area and always with an eye on safety! We check all safety standards, so your guest will be comfortable and can maximize their enjoyment! Through cooperation with the TÜV Germany and the European Ropes Course Association we can double-check and certify all safety relevant equipment and facilities. Our German engineers and designers will guarantee the best quality and safety standards for your guests.


We will look at each location individually, checking your investment plan and your target group.  We help you find the best options for your clients so you can gain new ones with a unique specialized program: your own personal USP (unique selling point).
Only the best and most efficient solutions will be presented!
We will summarize all programs and concepts in a brief and convenient manner, helping to provide connections with appropriate partners, if needed.

Our Offer

o    Pre-check and assessment of the hotel’s homepage
o    Initial review of opportunities and services in your location
o    On-site consultation with the hotel manager
o    Visit of the location with our special program checklist
o    Checking the program options that are already available
o    Evaluating the suitability of the program for your target group
o    Brainstorming new options with the Hotel Manager
o    Evaluating the integration possibility with the hotel management
o    Summarizing new program and package options for the hotel management
o    Developing offers for program infrastructure or staff training with partners

Costs for this consultancy package is 1.850 € excl. travel and accommodation costs where needed.


Integrating Hotel Staff /Service Partners

Let us help you awaken the innovation that rests within your employees and your partners. Through a one day workshop, we will create a positive atmosphere and develop the best program and package concepts for the improvement of your hotel.  This workshop will not only generate a great resource of ideas from your employees, but will also motivate your staff to enact the changes needed for success. The involvement of partners from the surrounding area is encouraged to help seek out all that your region can offer. (Price on request)

Destination Check

You are sure there is much for your guests to discover, but you want to show them the “hidden” path? Following a thorough web and telephone based check our experts will spend 2-4 days finding new options and specialty concepts that perhaps you were unaware of. After the site visit, a summary of the best program options in your destination and the partners who offer them will be provided. Additionally, we help create complete program packages for your hotel and confirm the safety standards of all partners with our specialists or the TÜV Germany. (Price on request)

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