Spending the night under the stars, listening to the cracking of wood, managing a climbing challenge, feeling the enthusiasm of the people – this is Camp Adventure. I always wanted to give the people an understanding of the fact that adventure programs can take place in a safe environment and therefore are made for everyone. Not only kids love to get the chance to overcome their own limitations but adults also want to test how far they can go. This is why I founded Camp Adventure. Another kind of adventure for me but it paid off. Nowadays 120 employees, who work for Camp Adventure mainly in summer, make it possible that more and more people get the opportunity to have those special experiences. 

o    Participants who experience their first camp fire after they exceeded their own expectations on the high rope course
o    Growing together as a team due to finding solutions together where there was no way before
o    Managers who realize their own strengths as well as those of their team in a complete new way
o    Hotels and resorts that are surprised by the smiling guests because of the Adventure program

All this is Camp Adventure.

Camp Adventure stands for safety, integrity, togetherness, individuality, responsibility and creativity. In combination with our motivation and enthusiasm we offer clients and participants high quality programs. Challenges, changes and cooperation should clear the way for improvements. I hereby invite you to have a look at our services in the area of consulting and the building of adventure facilities, also for your house. Convince yourself that adventure programs are part of the future tourism. Thanks to our international network we are able to work for you in German, English, French and Spanish.


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