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Husky Camp in Germany

Get your “dog license” in our summer camp in Germany

Great provider for children and youth trips!

Bernd C., Germany

Your Husky Camp in Germany

  • Location

    Lüneburger Heide

  • Age

    7 - 16 years

  • Sessions

    3 days per week, 2:15 hours each

Details of the Husky Camp

Spring/autumn camp
Driving a sled dog team - isn't that what many people dream of? In our spring/autumn husky camp you have the opportunity. Not only will you learn the most important things about our great huskies, but also everything about the sleds on wheels, the necessary equipment, the training of the dogs and the special feeding, but you will also have the opportunity to try everything out for yourself and receive the so-called "musher driving licence" at the end. "Musher" - that's what a sled dog handler is called. Adventure, action and enjoyment are on the programme. Alexandra and the sled dog team "Lumirunners" are looking forward to the adventure with you!

Summer camp
Our husky camp is just the thing for dog lovers or those who want to become one! From the peculiarities of the original dogs, the differences to "normal house dogs", general important facts about dogs to the small 1x1 of sled dogs, you will learn everything you need to know in your Husky Camp to get your "Husky driving licence" at the end. Of course, cuddling, feeding, learning the language of dogs and joint excursions are also very important! The programme includes trekking tours, splashing around in the water, playing and making real friends with your husky! Alexandra and the "Lumirunners" sled dog team are looking forward to seeing you!

Location of thr Husky Camp in Northern Germany

Camp Adventure Academy - Lüneburger Heide

Booking - Husky Camp 

Husky camp during the summer holidays 2024

Here you can find all dates for our Husky Camp Lüneburg Heath. The additional option Husky is already preselected. Please just leave the check mark next to the course that is suitable for your child. The Husky Camp is a program component of the Creative, Sports & Adventure Camp Lüneburg Heath and can only be booked for one week. You can of course opt for a two-week period and choose a different course or just the Creative, Sports & Adventure Camp in the second week.

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