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Skateboarding, Inline Skating, Scooter riding in our summer camp in Germany

The summer camp for all skate lovers

My sons took part in the fall camp in Walsrode and loved it so much that they want to come back for the summer vacations next year. Booking was super easy and the contact was very friendly and helpful. According to my children, all the staff on site were cool and took great care of them. Thanks to everyone!

Skating at our summer camp in Germany

  • Skate course at the summer camp
  • Location

    Bayerischer Wald

  • Ages

    7-12 years

    12-16 years

  • Duration

    3 days per week, 3:15 hours each

Details about the skate course in the camp
Kids at the skate course in the summer camp

Skateboarding, inline skating, scooter riding - if these are your hobbies, you've come to the right place. Join like-minded people and spend the mornings in the skate park next to our Adventure Camp. Show each other your best tricks, make cool clips with your friends and see what you've learned later. Our dedicated team members with first aid training supervise everything to ensure your safety. Helmets are compulsory when skating for safety reasons. For beginners, we recommend additional protective equipment such as knee and elbow pads and possibly wrist guards. Skateboards can be rented on site for a fee of €50. Please bring your own protective equipment, including inline skates if you want to use them. The focus is on having fun while we experience unforgettable skate moments together!

Der Fluss im Sommercamp in Bayern

Bayerischer Wald

Booking the Skate-Course at Camp 

Skate course at the summer camp 2024

Here you can find all the dates for our Bavarian Forest Skate Camp. The climbing course is a program component of the Bavarian Forest camp and can only be booked for one week. You can of course opt for a two- or three-week period and choose a different course in the second/third week.

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