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International Counsellor in Training (ICIT) Course in Germany

The program is for all 17-19 years old, who want to become a casmp counselor in an international Camp

“The best experience of my life! I’ve learned so much and at the same time I got to know young people from all over the world – I don’t need an accommodation in a lot of countries for the next couple of years. :)” :).

Louisa (18)., Germany

International Campcounsellor in Training (ICIT) for 17 – 19 years old participants

  • Standorte

    Lüneburger Heide

  • Alter

    17- 19 Jahre

  • Dauer

    14 days till 6 weeks


You love to be outdoors and meet people from all over the world? 

You are enthusiastic, responsible and a real teamplayer? 

You want to work with kids and be a supervisor at the camp in the near future, but aren’t of full age? 

Become a part of our ICIT program and experience the summer of your life! 


If you have participated in one of our camps or want to become a supervisor, than you’re just right at our ICIT program. The program is addressed to young people at the age of 17 to 19, who would like to work with children in an international environment and have at least some basic skills with the English language. The ICITs receive a certificate after participating successfully at a 2 weeks training. The certificate verifies that you are qualified as an international Camp Counsellor Assistant (junior staff member). With this qualification you can already work as a supervisors assistant (17 years) or supervisor (from 18 years) at one of our camps. Furthermore it includes the training for the DLRG lifeguard (on a voluntary basis). 

Together with other people of your age, you will take part at the 2 weeks training as well as possibly becoming a member in one of our camp teams. The program takes place in English and gives you the possibility to casually speak and improve your English. 

The assignment in a camp after the training is possible for 1 to up to 5 weeks – according to the arrangement also in another location in Germany. 

After your registration we will conduct a little job interview, to see if it fits for all of us. After that your application will be confirmed. 


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Camp Adventure Academy - Lüneburger Heide


ICIT Program 2024

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