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Our Camp in Northern Germany

Children and carers come from all over the world and do great activities, almost always outdoors. A great place to put your mobile phone aside and spend a lot of time in nature. The team is really top!

Lisa M., Germany

Lüneburger Heide

  • Location

    Lüneburger Heide (Walsrode)

  • Age

    Junior 7 - 12 years

    Senior 12 - 16 years

    Leadership 15 - 17 years

    ICIT 17 - 19 years

  • Price

    from 395 €

  • Duration

    from 7 days (Sun - Sat)

  • Accommodation

    Tent village (6 - 7 kids per tent)

    Adventure Lodges (4 - 8 beds per room)

  • Courses

    Creative, Sports & Adventure, English, German, Lifeguarding, Girls Camp, Survival, Soccer, Horseback Riding, Husky Camp, Leadership, International Camp Counselor in Training (ICIT)

The Camp Adventure Academy in Walsrode is set in the beautiful Lüneburger Heide national park, between the cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover

With more than 15 hectares of fields, woods, several lakes and even a beach, our northern camp location is the perfect holiday destination for children and teenagers looking for a summer adventure. Our spacious site is made up of several different zones, with various activities to suit every camper. If you want to go kayaking, build bridges, jump high on a water trampoline or glide over the water in a ZORB ball, the Beach and Water Area is for you. If team building activities and high ropes course are more your thing, you should head over to the Survival Area. Whether you are an adventurer or more of a creative spirit, Walsrode has got plenty to offer!

Accommodation & Catering
You can choose between tent and our adventure lodges, already during registration process. Sanitary facilities are separated by gender. Girls and boys have separate washrooms and toilets, which are located very close to the tent villages and huts. The Teamers stay next door to the campers and are available 24/7 to answer questions and help with any problems that they may have.
Tent Village – get into the adventure spirit

Our campsite is made up of several tent villages, divided into Juniors and Seniors. Each tent village is made up of 20 tents, each of which can accommodate six or seven campers. All tents have a wooden floor and sleeping platform, where you can sleep in comfort after a busy day of activities.

Adventure Lodges – Canadian style

The cozy adventure huts with bunk beds will be shared by four to eight kids - of course girls and boys sleep separately. They are equipped with beds, storage shelving and seating too. Hut accommodation is charged at 95 € per week.


We cook fresh - always! We don't serve bag soup and boring food. Our menus are freshly prepared. Of course, breakfast includes fresh rolls, cold cuts and a wide selection of fruits and cereals. For drinking we have juices, cocoa and tea. During the day, water is available on our water machines with or without bubbles and for the first hunger there is of course always fresh fruit. Lunch and dinner are usually cooked warm - exceptions are the snacks. Of course, water and fresh salads from the buffet are also available with these meals.

Free Time Activities & Excursions

Whether you decide to go for the classic Sports, Creative & Adventure Camp, or instead choose to pursue your particular interests and book one of our many extra profiles – all campers have the chance to try out a variety of fun activities in their free time. Our camp is very international, with participants joining us from all over the world, so campers will have the opportunity to get to know other cultures. Our main camp languages are English and German, so you will also be able to brush up your speaking skills!

We offer a wide variety of different activities and each camper can choose their favourites. Get active with sports from football, basketball and table tennis, to BMX, dirtbike, beachvolleyball and swimming. You can even try out the water trampoline or perhaps do some stand up paddleboarding and play water polo. Adventurous campers will love the archery sessions and our amazing high ropes course, which includes a 250 metre zipline (Flying Fox). Water lovers can learn to canoe and kayak on one of the lakes, whilst the creative spirits create their own jewellery and test out new drawing and painting techniques. Even the musicians can follow their passion – guitar playing, singing and dancing are all on offer.

Also in the evenings, there is plenty to enjoy, with our Special Nights. Wellness-Night, Casino Night and Movie Time are just a few of the classics. After a jam-packed day, there is nothing nicer than gathering round the campfire together to share some toasted marshmallows and sing along to a guitar. The daily Clean Up is an important part of camp life. We all play a part in keeping our campsite clean, from duties such as clearing the table and doing the washing up, to cleaning washrooms and tidying your own tent. It is all of our responsibility to make sure that each person feels comfortable in their camp surroundings.

A particular highlight for those who stay two weeks at camp is the excursion on Saturday. Juniors head to Serengeti Park and seniors hit up Heide Park. But if you aren’t a fan of theme parks, don’t worry! You can go swimming at the Verwell Pool instead. On site the choice is yours! Those campers who are staying for two weeks also have the chance to take part in a hike or day trip to Hamburg at the weekend. The excursion to Hamburg costs € 65 extra. 

Serengeti Park

At Serengeti Park, we have the chance to see lions, monkeys and other unusual animals in open air enclosures. The park also has carousels, rides, shows and even a Jeep safari for you to enjoy. Board the double-decker zebra bus and discover a whole new world of animal fun!


Heide Park

Get your adrenalin kick in Heide Park! Hop on the Dive Coaster, Bobbahn, Mountain Rafting or Loop-the-Loop. You have the whole day to try out everything that the park has to offer. You can even check out some interesting shows and interactive activities. You are guaranteed to make some great memories!


Verwell Adventure Pool

Our trip to the Verwell adventure pool in Verden is combined with a trip to the town and is just as exciting as going to the theme park. The pool has a huge water slide, an indoor adventure pool with a current channel and so much more. There is so much aquatic fun to be had!


Adventure Hike

If you are staying for two weeks, you have the chance to take part in an adventure hike. Set up camp and spend a night under the stars – you don’t get the chance to do that everyday!


Instead of going on the hike, you might like to join our city excursion to Hamburg. This option is particularly designed with international campers in mind, with lots of sightseeing involved, but it might also appeal to German campers who live a little further away. Of course, there is also time for some shopping too! The excursion costs € 65 extra.


7-12 years & 12-16 years

Creative, Sports & Adventure

The Creative, Sports & Adventure Camp is the right place for those who want to experience exciting things and want to enjoy creative, sporty and/or adventurous activities. Everyone chooses the program they like according to their personal taste and interests: sometimes spontaneously, when it comes to interesting workshops, funny games in between or a few hours at the lake, but also over several days, when we dive into our project worlds and start activities together.

7-12 years & 12-16 years


Staying true to the Camp Adventure spirit, language tuition is not only about improving your language skills, but also about discovering new cultures with your new friends from all over the world. You can choose to add German or English profiles to your camp program and attend fifteen 45 minute sessions, in groups of 6 to 14 campers.  We also facilitate language learning beyond the classroom, communicating bilingually with all campers in English and German. In all activities, teamers encourage campers to put their language skills into practice and improve their spoken communication.
Learning a language at camp is not at all like learning it in the classroom at school. Language profiles are not spent filling in grammar worksheets, instead the teachers focus on incorporating fun and creativity into their sessions, so that campers can learn in a more playful way, without even realizing that they are working on their language skills. Hopefully the campers can then bring this motivation back to school with them! Native speakers encourage their group to communicate in the foreign language, helping them to hear and absorb the pronunciation and intonation. At the beginning of camp, all campers with the English or German profile will complete a Level Check, so that we can put them into a suitable group, according to their level. That means that both beginners and more advanced participants will be challenged to improve – this is a program for everyone!

12-16 years


Heroes of water wanted! You can see them almost everywhere where there is water... At the edge of the pool in the swimming pool, on high seats on the beach or even on boats at the edge of the non-swimmer area - the lifeguards. Mostly unnoticed they provide security and in emergency situations they intervene and even save lives - real everyday heroes! Now you can be that too. We offer you the opportunity to take the official lifeguard course during your stay with us.

7-12 years & 12-16 years

Girls Camp

Girls Camp is a special program just for girls! From sport and wellness to creative activities such as singing, dancing, baking, beauty and fashion, you can spend time together discovering new hobbies. The program runs in the morning and afternoon and each day the girls can try out a cool new sport, like beach volleyball, Zumba, fitness, dancing and yoga, or they can get creative with fashion and beauty, crafts, music, singing, writing and baking! We can all chill out together during a wellness afternoon and then organize a fashion show, with homemade outfits and a catwalk built by us. There is no chance to get bored!

7-12 years & 12-16 years


Are you ready for the ultimate outdoor adventure? In our Survival Camp, your specially trained Teamers take you out into the wild to find your next adventure. Survivors head into the forest to learn survival techniques and face the toughest challenges together with their adventurous new friends. From lighting fires and building shelters to crossing rivers, there is lots to learn and discover. At the end of the week, each participant will receive a Survivor certificate, proclaiming them a true survivor, ready to battle with the most difficult of situations. We encourage all campers to take part in each and every activity, but we stick to the Challenge by Choice policy, so that campers never have to take part in an activity if they really do not want to.

7-12 years & 12-16 years


If you are a soccer crazy boy or girl, our Soccer profile is just for you! The program is varied, with plenty of football games, tournaments and other cool activities, including some adventurous ones. Improve your technique, stamina, power and tactics, as well as your team skills and spirit. Fun and enjoyment is at the heart of everything we do, even when we get competitive! Soccer profile is not for the pros, but for beginners and intermediate players who want to up their game, so whatever your level, you are welcome on the pitch.

7-12 years

Horseback Riding

In cooperation with our partner, Reitsportverein Altenwahlingen e.V., participants will experience a creative and adventurous week of horsemanship. While being surrounded by a wide variety of animals such as cows, sheep, rabbits, dogs and cats, you will be trained in all the different aspects of how to take care of and ride a horse. To end the week, you will ride through Germany’s most beautiful valleys in the south of the national park Lüneburger Heide. The riding lessons are led by qualified instructors, with great experience in teaching horseback riding to children and teenagers. Thus we can guarantee an optimal support and training. We don´t recommend this profile for advanced riders. For riding beginners with a bit of experience, the week is an excellent opportunity to improve their horseback riding skills.

7-12 years & 12-16 years

Husky Camp

Our Husky Camp is perfect for all children who love or want to learn to love dogs! Together with Huskyhof Ridderadde we will teach you how to deal responsibly with "man's best friend". The Huskies are part of an animal protection project, coming partly from rescue actions and overstrained owners.
On the first day we start with a short introduction, broaching the issues of how to behave around dogs correctly and how to read their body language. On the following days 10 Huskies and their trainer will come to camp. At the end of the week all participants receive our little "Camp Adventure Dog Handling License". The participants of this course do also a Husky Trekking Tour, guiding the dogs on a belly belt. This way the children quickly lose their fear of dogs and at the same time learn a lot about the species-appropriate keeping and the special needs of this fascinating dog breed.

15-17 years


Our Leadership Program is designed to give 15 to 17 year olds the chance to push themselves and discover their own abilities. Through physical and mental challenges, they will work out which qualities make a good leader and come to be familiar with the motto “You can do more than you think”.
The aim of the Leadership Program is to show young people that they have more to offer than they might have thought. Each day, they are presented with new challenges for them to assess and take on as a team. Participants decide whether to tackle the latest challenge and also participate in ongoing feedback sessions, allowing them to improve their decision making skills. This program will certainly put them to the test and is a great opportunity for personal development, as they leave their mental and physical comfort zones. Their organizational skills will also be developed, as they help teamer staff to prepare certain aspects of the program for other campers and even have the chance to lead activities themselves.
One particular challenge is the 72 hour hike, organized and completed by the Leadership group. As a team, the campers have to use a map and compass to independently navigate the local countryside. Our teamers do of course keep an eye in the background, but only step in when absolutely necessary.
These leadership challenges are not the only focus though – camp fun is of course at the heart of the program. Adventure sports like the high ropes course, water sports such as canoeing and kayaking and many other great activities are also a key part of your time in Walsrode.
Upon successful completion of the program, all participants receive a Leadership Award and a First Aid Certificate. The program is carried out in English and so participants should have fairly strong language skills.

17-19 years

International Camp Counselor in Training (ICIT)

Have you already been in camp as a participant and wish to be a teamer (counselor) after this experience? Then this program is the perfect opportunity for you if you are between 17-19 years.
After successfully completing two weeks of training in English you will receive a certificate that verifies you are trained as an International Camp Counselor Assistant (junior staff member). In addition you can optionally participate in training to become a DLRG (German association of lifeguards) lifeguard. With this qualification you can be placed as a Camp Counselor Assistant (from 17 years up) or as a Senior staff members (from 18 years up) at our camps.
As most ICIT’s have participated in our leadership program and are seeking a position in one of our camps they will get the chance to be placed in a camp session for one or more weeks. Two ICIT’s will be responsible for two tent groups, supported by a Senior staff member. Within the application for the ICIT Training it is possible to add where you want to be placed. If the training has been successfully completed, our new ICIT’s will join the camps ideally right after the training. That implies the fantastic chance to be part of Camp Adventure for several weeks.
For all who have been campers in our camps before and who are under 21 years, the participation in the ICIT program is obligatory. We want our teamers to grow from the role of being a camper to the role of being a responsible Teamer. For every ICIT applicant a skype interview is required.

You want to make new friends?
Come to our international camp with children and teenagers from 64 different nations who will spend the summer of their lives together.
Typical Day
Daily Routine Juniors*
7:00 am Morning or Polarbear Action
7:45 am Breakfast
8:30 am Clean Up + Freetime
9:45 am Project A
12:15 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Siesta
1:45 pm Snack
2:00 pm Project B
3:00 pm Project C
5:15 pm Break
5:45 pm Dinner
6:30 pm Freesports
7:45 pm Evening program
8:30 pm Chillout/Campfire
8:45 pm Bed time
Daily Routine Seniors*
7:45 am Morning or Polarbear Action
8:45 am Breakfast
9:30 am Clean Up + Freetime
9:45 am Project A
12:15 pm Project B/Freesports
1:15 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Siesta
3:00 pm Project C
5:15 pm Snack
5:45 pm Project D/Freesports
6:45 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Clean Up/Freetime
8:30 pm Evening program
9:30 pm Chillout/Campfire
10 pm Bed time
Daily Routine Leadership*
7:45 am Morning Sports
8:45 am Breakfast
9:30 am Clean Up
9:45 am Workshop
1:15 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Siesta
3:00 pm Workshop
5:15 pm Snack
5:45 pm Workshop
6:45 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Clean Up/Freetime
8:30 pm Evening program
10 pm Campfire/Bed time

* There are many "non-typical" days with special programs as well. We match the program according to the weather and mood!

Morning Sports/Polarbear Action

This is voluntary for Juniors and Seniors! From chasing frogs to jogging, yoga or fitness every morning we will have different programs for our early birds to choose from.


Our breakfast always includes fresh bread and buns as well as various cold meats, cheeses and spreads (jam, honey, chocolaty spreads etc.). There will also be a rich selection of cereals and fruits. Of course drinks are included.

Clean Up

Now we will take some time to keep our camp tidy and clean. Whether communal service (doing dishes, cleaning the kitchen) or tidying up your own tent, we will ensure our camp is comfortable for everyone.


Active World
Our Active World offers a variety of athletic actions for the sports enthusiasts. Besides well-known sports like soccer, beach volleyball, table tennis or street ball – the program will also give you the opportunity to try out new trend sports like balancing on a slackline or Frisbeegolf … Or you can show us your acrobatic skills!

Creative World
In the Creative World you will experience many adventures where ideas have no limits! You can create bracelets and T-Shirts, as well as build your own shelter in the woods or engineer system of water canals. There is also our playground with a mini-zip line and climbing pyramid.

Adventure World
In the Adventure World you can practice activities like archery or find new strengths in the high ropes course. In our survival projects you will learn many skills – from filtering water to lighting a fire – to survive in the nature with only the basics. Our BMX bikes can be tried out at the obstacle course. We also offer great canoe and kayak courses on our own lake where you can get a canoe or kayak "license".


Lunch is composed of a warm meal and a salad bar. Plenty of water is always served with meals and you will dine together with your Teamer (we always provide vegetarian and pork-free menu options).


Chill out on your own, in the community room or on the comfortable wooden benches outside. For sure you can take a little nap, read a book, write a letter or chat with others. Your Teamer will  offer you little things to do, but you can also just hang around with the other campers. This way, you will get some time to relax and recharge your “batteries” for the rest of the day.


Do you want to chill out while drawing and writing a letter or play more active sports? You will have the chance to choose from various options.


We are self-catering and our masterchef prepares delicious food with the cooking courses (we always provide vegetarian and pork-free menu options).

Evening program

The evening program is variable and depends on weather and the fitness of the group. Camp games with all kids, or our famous ‘Special Nights’- anything is possible. These activities will always take place with all kids together – also the two-week participants – so we try to ensure a varied program.

Bed time

We really want all our kids to get enough rest and sleep. Therefore our Teamers will bring them to bed with our very special Camp Adventure routine. The kids will get the chance to reflect on the day and then slowly doze off while listening to music or a bed time story.

Camp Crew







Dates & Prices 2022
  • Booking period 2022

    Spring/Easter Camp
    (Accommodation in our Seminar House/in Adventure Lodges, only from 10-16 years)

    WAL A 06.03.-12.03.2022    395 €
    WAL A/B 06.03.-19.03.2022    795 €
    WAL B 13.03.-19.03.2022    395 €
    WAL C 10.04.-16.04.2022    395 €
    WAL C/D 10.04.-24.04.2022    795 €
    WAL D 18.04.-24.04.2022    395 €

    Summer - one-week camps

    WAL 1 26.06.-02.07.2022 395 €
    WAL 2 03.07.-09.07.2022 395 €
    WAL 3 10.07.-16.07.2022 395 €
    WAL 4 17.07.-23.07.2022 445 €
    WAL 5 24.07.-30.07.2022 445 €
    WAL 6 31.07.-06.08.2022 445 €
    WAL 7 07.08.-13.08.2022 445 €
    WAL 8 14.08.-20.08.2022 395 €
    WAL 9 21.08.-27.08.2022 395 €

    Summer - two-week camps

    WAL 1/2 26.06.-09.07.2022        845 €
    WAL 3/4 10.07.-23.07.2022        865 €
    WAL 5/6 24.07.-06.08.2022        895 €
    WAL 7/8 07.08.-20.08.2022        795 €

     Summer - Two-week Leadership-Camps1


    WAL Lead 1/2 26.06.-09.07.2022            945 €
    WAL Lead 3/4 10.07.-23.07.2022            965 €
    WAL Lead 5/6 24.07.-06.08.2022            995 €
    WAL Lead 7/8 07.08.-20.08.2022            895 €

    1 Accomodation in our Seminar House

    Summer - Two-week

    WAL ICIT 1/2 26.06.-09.07.2022             895 €
    WAL ICIT 3/4 10.07.-23.07.2022             915 €
    WAL ICIT 5/6 24.07.-06.08.2022             945 €
    WAL ICIT 7/8 07.08.-20.08.2022             845 €

    Autumn (Accommodation in our Seminar House/Adventure Lodges, only from 10-16 years)ars)

    WAL F 09.10.-15.10.2022             395 €
    WAL F/G 09.10.-22.10.2022             795 €
    WAL G 16.10.-22.10.2022             395 €
    WAL G/H 16.10.-29.10.2022             795 €
    WAL H 23.10.-29.10.2022             395 €
  • Accommodation

    Tent (6 - 7 persons per tent) € 0
    Hut (4 - 8 persons per hut) 95 € per week
  • Courses 2022

    Soccer1 50 €
    Horseback Riding2 115 €
    Husky Camp (3 days) 75 € 
    Survival 60 €
    Girls Camp3 50 €
    German Classic 125 €
    English Classic 95 €
    Lifeguarding4 95 €
    Weekend trip to Hamburg 65 €

    1 only in week 1, 3, 5, 7
    2 only from 7-12 years
    3 only in week 2, 4, 6, 8
    4 only from 12-16 years, only in week 1, 3, 5, 7

  • Extras

    Visa Invitation Letter

    25 €

    Insurance Package (if residence is not in Germany) 35 €
    Laundry Service (only available for two-week camps) 25 €

    Camp Adventure Hoodie

    50 €
    Camping Mat & Sleeping Bag (to buy) 95 €
    Sleeping Bag (to buy) 60 €
    Camping Mat (to rent) 15 €
    Travel Cancellation Guarantee (for one-week stays) 45 €
    Travel Cancellation Guarantee (from two-week stays) 75 €
    Bed Sheets Rental Service
    (only for house/huts)
    20 €
  • Services

    • Accommodation in tents, sleeping 6 to 7 campers, or huts, sleeping 4 to 8 campers
    • Full board (3 meals a day/dietary requirements noted in registration form)
    • Water and fruit available throughout the day
    • Free time activities/equipment
    • Camp Adventure T-Shirt
    • 24h monitoring/Counselor to child ratio of 1:8
    • HERE you will find more information about our philosophy
Arrival & Departure Services
  • Airport Transfer

    You can choose between our collective transfer for 75 € one way and a private shuttle for 350 € one way.

    Collective Transfer

    With this shuttle all children are first picked up from their exit right after the baggage claim and then brought to the camp together. This can lead to waiting times.

    Our team will be at the airport from 10 am and will collect all arriving children. For parents who accompany their children to Hamburg Airport themselves, we offer a central meeting point (at the rocket) at McDonald's Restaurant at Hamburg Airport. Depending on the number of participants, the transfer can take place by bus, train or car. The shuttle leaves the airport at 4 pm with all children and carers in the direction of the camp.
    All flights arriving later than 3 pm can no longer be considered for this transfer. In this case we recommend that you book our private transfer.
    If your flight arrives before 10 am, we will need to send an extra person to the airport to pick up your child at the exit right after the baggage claim. This also applies to the return trip if the flight departs later than 6 pm. For this service we charge 50 € extra, in addition to the normal transfer costs. These costs cover the service of receiving your child earlier/checking him in later and looking after him.

    Shuttle Landing time Departure time Costs one way
    Airport Hamburg at the gate 10 am - 3 pm 2 - 6 pm 75 €
    Airport Hamburg meeting point McDonald's (at the rocket) 2 pm 12:30 pm 55 €
    Airport Hanover 10 am - 3 pm 2 - 6 pm 75 €

    Please note the different airline regulations regarding children travelling alone. If your child travels as UM (unaccompanied minor), we will charge 20 € extra for the additional effort.

    Private Transfer

    This transfer is recommended if the landing time is later than 3 pm on the day of arrival, departure before 2 pm on the day of departure, the arrival or departure on other days or if you do not want your children to wait at the airport. Up to two children can share this transfer.

  • Independent arrival & departure

    Arrival Sunday 4 - 6 pm
    Departure Saturday 10 am - noon


  • Train Station Transfer

    Shuttle Arrival time Departure time Costs one way
    Hannover main station at the platform 2 - 4 pm 11 am - 1 pm 50 €
    Hannover main station meeting point McDonald's 2:30 pm 10:30 am 40 €
  • Accompanied train rides 2022

    The price for the accompanied train journeys includes the train ticket and the seat reservations for the outward and return journey as well as the transfer to the camp. A minimum number of participants applies to all accompanied journeys. If the transfer does not take place, you will be informed at least 4 weeks before arrival and can cancel/rebook the camp free of charge.

    Train station Period Costs

    in progress


    in progress


    Munich in progress  

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