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Our Adventure & Language Camp in Southern Germany

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Bernd C., Germany

Adventure & Language Camp Bayerischer Wald

Adventure Camp Location
BLSV Sportcamp Location
  • Location

    Bayerischer Wald (Regen)

  • Age

    Junior 7 - 12 years

    Senior 12 - 16 years

  • Price

    from 395 €

  • Duration

    from 7 days (Sun - Sat)

  • Accommodation

    Tent Village (6 - 7 kids per tent)

    Tiny Houses/Huts (4-6 beds per room)

    Shared rooms and Blockhouses at BLSV Sportcamp with 2 to 12 beds

  • Courses

    Creative, Sports & Adventure, Survival, Climbing

Welcome to the Bavarian Forest (Bayerischer Wald), one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Southern Germany!

Get back to nature with Camp Adventure! For several years we have been running Adventure Camps in Bavaria for children and teenagers from all over the world. Our campsite is located right at a river and next to the local swimming pool. Thanks to its superb location in the middle of the Bavarian Forest we've got plenty options to create an exciting and versatile program including great hikes for our international campers. The region stands for 1.500 miles of hiking trails and 18 peaks of more than 1.000 meters in altitude and plenty of waterways which are so marvelous that locals describe the area as “Bavarian Canada”.
For all regular campers who used to spent their holidays in Neuburg in the past: This is the great new site we've chosen for you!


Our campsite is made up of several tent villages and huts. Like the daily program, those are divided into Junior (7 to 12 years) and Senior (12 to 16 years) groups.
Our spacious tents are equipped with a wooden floor and a sleeping platform and can accommodate six or seven campers. Snuggled up with a camping mat and sleeping bag, campers can sleep in comfort after a busy day of activities. You will have to do without a wardrobe or bedside table, but adventurers don’t need that anyway!
For those who prefer a roof over their heads are welcome to book an overnight stay in our tiny house or log cabin. The Tiny house has two rooms, each with two bunk beds and a small closet and table. Six children sleep in the log cabin, also in bunk beds. For this kind of accommodation, the children need a bed linen, pillow and sleeping bag. You can also book bed linen through us.

Toilets and showers are located on site and are pretty luxurious for a camp site – but still perfectly adequate for a true adventure holiday. There is also a separate First Aid tent, where any sick children can get some peace and quietness while their teamer takes care of them. An open, covered area serves as our dining room, where we eat all of our communal meals and we also have indoor facilities on site where we can do “dry” activities in case of bad weather. If there is a major storm, we spend the night at the sports camp next door.

The daily Clean Up is an important part of camp life. We share all duties from clearing the table and doing the dishes up to cleaning the washrooms and tidying up our own tents. It is our mutual responsibility to make sure that everyone feels comfortable at camp.

We also prepare our own food within our tent groups and always with the help of our experienced teamers.

Free Time Activities & Excursions

Our camp is the perfect place to try out some fun and new outdoor activities. Hop into a canoe or kayak, scale the climbing wall or get creative – children and teenagers from all over the globe come together to share in the same Camp spirit.

The list of activities on offer is endless. From archery, climbing, mountain biking, football, baseball, volleyball, street hockey, frisbee, crazy golf, table tennis, aerobics, self defence and fitness, all the way to creative offers such as Bob the Builder, guitar playing, theatre, dance, acrobatics and MasterChef. There is something for everyone in Regen. We also spend our afternoons at the close by swimming pool also featuring waterslides and beach volleyball courts. For the real adventurers, our massive climbing wall build in the wide span of a bridge is the place to be. It certainly requires some bravery, but it's so much fun! To start with, you might only get a few metres off the ground but by the end of the week you will be able to make it to the summit. There is plenty going on in the evenings too. Our legendary Mini Olympics are always a high light, along with the discos and evenings spent together around the camp fire.

On Wednesdays, everyone heads into the typical Bavarian town of Regen. A good chance to collect a selection of Bavarian souvenirs to take home. Alternatively you can also explore the wildlife in the national park nearby.
The weekend hike is the icing of the cake for all campers staying for two weeks or longer. Navigate through forests and mountains, set up a shelter in the wild and cook your own dinner, before settling down to sleep under the stars.


The ability to communicate in different languages is a priceless gift and enables you to make friends with other campers from all across the globe. Why not developing your language skills during your holidays? All our Language courses are solely carried out by native speakers in internationally mixed classes with no more than 12 students. At the beginning of the stay your level will be assessed by our experienced teachers to ensure that you are placed in the right class, according to your language abilities. Our courses comprise 20 units of 45 minutes per week but no worries – our lessons are not like being at school. We focus on fun and interactive education. The use of modern teaching methods in and outside the classroom, incorporating topics that are suitable for the different age groups and levels guarantees a positive outcome and a pleasant classroom experience. At Regen we offer different English and German Courses.

7-12 years & 12-16 years

English Classic

Improve your language skills in a fun way by attending our interactive Classic Courses. They are designed to match your holidays. Nevertheless, they are intense and efficient. Our teachers put a strong focus on oral practice and make sure that you build up your confidence and improve your communication skills in a playful way and without even noticing. You will breathe new vocabulary and internalize the right pronunciation by using the language and not by memorizing boring work sheets. At camp, you will always be around our English speaking staff, who encourage you to put your language skills in practice inside and outside the classroom. Attending camp will give you a boost of self-confidence and fresh motivation for your English lessons at school. Promised!

7-12 years & 12-16 years

English TOEFL®

Apart from our Classic Courses we also offer two-week TOEFL® Courses. The Test Of English as a Foreign Language is the most widely respected English language test in the world. At the end of the course you will take an exam to achieve the TOEFL® certificate. The great thing is that you can’t fail the test. It just measures your ability to use and understand English as it’s read, written, heard and spoken according to the CEFR – the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1 to C2). Attending this special course is definitely worth it as you will receive a certificate that not only proves your level of English but is also accepted at schools worldwide in case you consider to spend a school year abroad.

Attending the TOEFL® Course means that you will benefit from 10 additional units on top of your 40 hours of classic English tuition. During those additional lessons, we focus on grammar exercises and practice important parts of the exam such as reading and listening comprehension and we will also use sample tests to get you well prepared for the exam.

7-12 years & 12-16 years

German Classic

Regen is the ideal place to learn German! Many students attend camp to extend their learning into the holidays with fun and interactive sessions. No worries if you do not speak any German yet. We offer classes at different levels from complete beginner to advanced. Similar to our English Classic Courses we focus on conversation and incorporate lots of fun activities and games to build up your vocabulary and strengthen your grammar. Join in and take the chance to improve your German, not only through our interesting lessons, but also by interacting with other campers during your free time. With so many Germans staying at camp, the opportunities to speak the language are endless.

7-12 years & 12-16 years

Creative, Sports & Adventure

The Creative, Sports & Adventure Camp is the right place for those who want to have an exciting time while enjoying creative, sporty and/or adventurous activities. Just choose the program you like according to your personal taste and interests. There is a huge variety of interesting workshops, funny games, water sports and arts & crafts sessions where you can show your creativity.

7-12 years & 12-16 years


For all those who are excited about nature, this is the profile to choose! From lighting fires and building shelters to crossing rivers, there is lots to learn and to discover. A real challenge and the ultimate outdoor experience!

12-16 Years


In summer, we offer something truly special at camp! A climbing course for both beginners and advanced climbers. Once you have learned everything important about basic knots, climbing and abseil techniques our certified coaches will encourage you to try out some tree climbing before you take pride in mastering our 20 m high climbing wall. Purpose built at the wide span of a bridge this unique feature offers 8 different routes and various degrees of difficulty. Campers aged 14+ can even get the Toprope Climbing Certificate of the German Alpine Club DAV at no extra cost. Our younger participants will be awarded with a climbing certificate of the Bavarian Sports Association at the end of the course.

7-12 & 12-16 Years


If skateboarding, inline skating and scooters are your hobbies or you have always wanted to try it out, you've come to the right place. All together we will spend the mornings in the skate park right next to our Adventure Camp. You can show each other the best tricks. Shoot cool clips with your peers and watch later what you have learned. Of course, you will be supervised by our teamers, who all have first aid training. Because we care about your safety, helmets are compulsory when skating. Additional protective equipment such as knee and elbow pads and wrist guards are recommended, especially for beginners. Skateboards and scooters can be rented on site for a fee of 50 €. Please bring your own protective equipment and inline skates if you want to use them. 

7-12 & 12-16 Years

Swimming Beginners

If you already have some basic swimming skills or even the Seahorse swimming badge, but still want some practice or you just do not feel safe in the water, then this course is perfectly designed for you. Our team will teach you basic swimming styles and techniques as well as jumping, diving and important swimming rules. Depending on how far you are already you can take the exam for the swimming badge in bronze or silver, at the end of the week. 

7-12 & 12-16 Years

Swimming Advanced

This swimming course is designed for advanced swimmers. Necessary for participation is the swimming badge in bronze (free swimmer) or comparable skills. This means that you should be able to swim continuously for 15 minutes and complete at least 200 meters. You should also be able to dive 2 meters deep and have the confidence to jump headfirst into the water. In this course we will train the different swimming styles, work on your fitness and prepare you for the swimming badge in gold. You can take the exam at the end of the week with our local lifeguards in the outdoor pool next door. 

You're a nature lover?
Come to our traditional adventure camp where you can meet new friends from all over the world.
Dates & Prices 2024
  • Booking Period 2024

    Spring-/ Pentecost camps - one- and two-week camps

    REG D
    335 €
    REG E
    395 €
    REG D/E
    735 €

    Summer - one-week camps

    REG 2 30.06.-06.07.2024  425 €
    REG 3 07.07.-13.07.2024 425 €
    REG 4 14.07.-20.07.2024 425 €
    REG 5 21.07.-27.07.2024 425 €
    REG 6 28.07.-03.08.2024 465 €
    REG 7 04.08.-10.08.2024 465 €
    REG 8 11.08.-17.08.2024 415 €
    REG 9 18.08.-24.08.2024 415 €
    REG 10 25.08.-31.08.2024 395 €
    REG 11 01.09.-07.09.2024 395 €

    Summer - two-week camps

    REG 2/3 30.06.-13.07.2024               895 €
    REG 4/5 14.07.-27.07.2024               895 €
    REG 6/7 28.07.-10.08.2024               945 €
    REG 8/9 11.08.-24.08.2024               865 €
    REG 10/11 25.08.-07.09.2024               795 €

     Summer - three-week camps

     REG 2/3/4         30.06.-20.07.2024                                      1345 €
     REG 5/6/7   21.07.-10.08.2024                1395 €
     REG 8/9/10   11.08.-31.08.2024                1345 € 
  • Accommodation

    Tent (6 - 7 kids per tent) 0 €
    Tiny Houses/Huts (4-6 beds per room) 110 €/per week
    BLSV Sportcamp (only in summercamps) 125 €/per week
  • Courses 2024

    Survival 65 €
    Climbing1 95 €
    Skating equipment included 75 €
    Skating equipment excluded 25€
    Swimming beginners2 125 €
    Swimming advanced3 95 €
    English Classic 135 €
    English TOEFL4 195€
    German Classic5 135€

    1 only from 12-16 years, only bookable in week 3, 5, 7, 9
    only bookable in week 3, 5, 7, 9, 11
    only bookable in week 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
    only bookable in two- and three-week camps
    only bookable in summercamps


  • Extras

    Visa Invitation Letter 25 €
    Insurance Package (if residence is not in Germany) 35 €
    Camp Adventure Hoodie 50 €
    Camping Mat & Sleeping Bag (to buy) 95 €
    Sleeping Bag (to buy) 60 €
    Camping Mat (to rent) 15 €
    Bed sheet (to rent) 25 €
    Travel Cancellation Guarantee (for one-week stays) 45 €
    Travel Cancellation Guarantee (from two-week stays) 75 €
  • Services

    • Accommodation in tents, sleeping 6 to 7 campers
    • Full board (3 meals a day)
    • Water and fruit available throughout the day
    • Free time activities/equipment
    • Camp Adventure T-Shirt
    • 24h monitoring/Counselor to child ratio of 1:8
    • HERE you will find more information about our philosophy
Arrival & Departure Services
  • Airport Transfer

    Collective Transfer

    With this shuttle all children are first picked up from their exit right after the baggage claim and then brought to the camp together. This can lead to waiting times.

    Our team will be at the airport from 10 am and will collect all arriving children. For parents who accompany their children to Munich Airport themselves, we offer a central meeting point at McDonald's Restaurant at Munich Airport. Depending on the number of participants, the transfer can take place by bus, train or car. The shuttle leaves the airport at 5 pm with all children and carers in the direction of the camp.
    All flights arriving later than 4 pm can no longer be considered for this transfer. In this case we recommend that you book our private transfer.
    If your flight arrives before 10 am, we will need to send an extra person to the airport to pick up your child at the gate. This also applies to the return trip if the flight departs later than 4 pm. For this service we charge 50 € extra, in addition to the normal transfer costs. These costs cover the service of receiving your child earlier/checking him in later and looking after him.

    Shuttle Landing Time Departure Time Costs one way
    Airport Munich at the exit after baggage claim 10 am - 4 pm Noon - 4 pm 75 €
    Airport Munich meeting point McDonald's 3 pm 10.30 am 55 €

    Please note the different airline regulations regarding children travelling alone. If your child travels as UM (unaccompanied minor), we will charge 20 € extra for the additional effort.

  • Independent Arrival & Departure

    Arrival Sunday 4 - 6 pm
    Departure Saturday 10 am - noon
  • Train station Transfer

    Shuttle Arrival time Departure time Costs one way
    Plattling train station 2 - 4 pm 10 am - noon 40 €

    Depending on the number of participants, the transfer can take place by bus, train or car.


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