Insurance & Travel Cancellation Guarantee

Our Camp Adventure Insurance Package

Liability, casualty and health insurance

With only one mouse-click you can book our comprehensive holiday insurance, which includes a liability, casualty and health insurance for the entire duration of your journey. This ensures that your child is well insured in the unlikely event of an accident, a visit to the doctor or hospital or an accident causing property damage.

Price: € 35

The price is per person per journey. The insurance covers the whole duration of the journey, including the days of arrival and departure.
We indicate that every participant without an insurance card or without our insurance package has to pay doctor's bills and hospital stays themselves.
Camp Adventure does not cover the costs. Therefore we advise you to bring € 500 cash to camp.


Participants with Non EU residence who do not book our insurance package must send confirmation of their travel insurance.

Camp Adventure Travel Cancellation Guarantee
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