In cooperation with BGF Consulting we offer extraordinary team training in the form of survival training for your employees in the Wildlife Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen (near Hanover).

Feel the motivation and team spirit of your staff. Try to cross your own boundaries in a real adventure. Get involved in new and unknown experiences and work on solutions together with the whole team. Experience feeding the lions, going on an exciting midnight safari or an off-road training session through the big terrain with the brand new SUV Volkswagen Tuareg.

You will be guided by qualified coaches who work on your needs and aims. The program consists of conflict management theories as well as special team training methods. We convince you that the training will have a noticeable effect on the everyday life at work.
We offer the following activities in the Serengeti Park:

Feeding the lions:
Sacks filled with raw meat will be hung up on trees and you can observe the lions trying to grab the meat from a very short distance.

Park Safari:
Enjoy a real animal safari on the bus. Start looking for animals (over 1000 different species) living in the park and keep an eye out for the “big five”.

Feeding the monkeys:
Enjoy the opportunity of feeding the monkeys while they are sitting on your shoulder.

Visit the rhinos and giraffes:

In the mornings and evenings when the Serengeti Park can be visited by our participants, you’ll get to know the rhinos and giraffes. You will be very close to them and feel the power they radiate.

High rope course:

If you wish we can design different tasks for participants or groups on the high rope course according to your aims and needs.

Building rafts:
Three different groups have to build a raft using the same equipment. You will quickly notice communication skills and team spirit because only the team leaders are allowed to communicate with each other. Our trainers can also create a training in your facilities. Personal training is possible as well. Possible languages are German, English and French.

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