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FAQ’s are the initials for “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Over a long time we have collected these FAQ's, which give a summary of our camps and answer questions which might strike you prior to a camp booking.

As soon as you have accomplished your booking, please read the General Info Pack. In it you will find general information’s that apply for all our camps. After your registration you will receive the demand to pay the deposit. As soon as the payment is received you get an E-Mail with the link to our questionnaire-.
Attention! : Please make sure to fill in the whole form. It is important that we get all the essential details (e.g. diseases, allergies) we need to know about your child.

As soon as we get the filled in questionnaire back you will get the specific info pack about the camp you chose. This includes all further information’s you need to know.

Step 1: Registration (Online or via phone)
Step 2: Receipt confirmation of the registration after release, Receipt of the final bill and demand of prepayment (E-Mail)
Step 3: Prepayment of 50 EUR
Step 4: Receipt of the online questionnaire and declaration of agreement (fill in online) (E-Mail)
Step 5: Receipt of the transfer questionnaire (fill in online) (E-Mail)
Step 6: Final payment (at the latest 4 weeks prior to camp begin)
Step 7: Receipt of the camp specific information package with address, packing list etc.

Step 8: have a fantastic time at camp and make friends from all over the world!! :-)

Note: It might take a couple of weeks to complete the whole booking.

Our Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.

Internationality is super important for Camp Adventure. Both, participants and Teamer, come from many different countries. During the last season for example the kids came from about 59 and the teamer from 25 different Nations in our camps.

But we can’t predict where our participants might come from next season, so we are just as curious as you are. Same applies for our heads and Teamer. Through our office in Hamburg and our outposts in Canada our staff is just as international as our participants. This makes out the multicultural background.

English is the main language in our camps. Second language is the national language of the country, where the camp takes place. Our main office is situated in Germany which is the reason why you will always find German Teamers in our camps. All announcements will be done in english and german.

No! Usually and by our experience there is always another participant or Teamer speaking the same language and kids are also excellent at communicating with hands and feet. For sure they often take a few days to warm up but then they are super open-minded towards other kids.

In the rooms/tents where they are accommodated they are definitely separated. But all our programs and sports are joint actions.

The number of participants varies between 30 kids in our smaller Language Camps and up to a maximum of 350 participants. This doesn’t mean though that the maximum number is always reached.
Important for us is the maximum size of 5-8 kids per group and counselor. The small group is like a little camp family in midst the big camp which you can count on, which stays together and prevents from homesickness.

Depending on the individual state of development of your child we leave the decision to you, because you know your child best. In Junior Camp they will for sure be the oldest kids and can playfully learn a lot. At the Senior Camp they will be the youngest of the group and they can pattern themselves on the older kids.

If you want to participate on a fee required profil (e.g. horse riding, language course) you need to predispose this in your booking. Those fee required profiles can also be found in the table at the topic “extra costs”. Several activities will be available for your kids anyways without a need of booking. After we have presented all different options to your kids they will have the opportunity to decide right in camp what course they would like to do.

The Hike is a 1-3 days walking tour. All campers who stay with us for two weeks will participate on this tour. During the hike the participants won’t sleep in their tents but outside, somewhere underneath the stars or in a self-made shelter, made from (Biwak) tarps. For sure they will be accompanied by their Teamers. The hike is a special experience for every participant. For this hike the participants will need sturdy shoes and a tracking backpack.

We generally recommend taking enough clothes for the whole duration of camp.

At our camps in Walsrode and Neuburg you can additionally book a laundry service (25€ per 3kg load) if you are staying for at least two weeks. We will carry the clothes to the next laundry house and wash them for you.
Dear parents,

Every summer almost 3.500 kids are spending their summer vacation in one of our camps. For most of them it is the first time being away from home for a longer period of time or even being away from their parents. Especially among the younger participants we have of course cases of homesickness. That’s totally normal!

Because of our years of experience and the specially trained teamers we can solve almost every case of Homesickness so that your child can enjoy its stay in our Camp. But you also can do something prior as well as during to the vacation of your child. On our YouTube channel you’ll find a new list of Anti homesickness hints, which will help you and your kid. Just click on the playlist and watch the spots. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Our team is made up of an international mix every year. The non-profit association Camp Europe e.V., headquartered in Hamburg and with an outsourcing office in Canada takes care of the acquisition
of national and international applicants. Since we have about 50% German-speaking children, there are also German supervisors in each location. Many come from other countries, such as England,
Spain, Australia, Canada or Australia.

On account of our cooperation with “No Power to Drugs” and our general accordance to the opinion that drugs of all kind do not belong in the hands of young people, we prohibit any sort of possession or consumption of illegal and legal drugs. In plain language that means alcohol and cigarettes are prohibited during the stay in and outside the camp as well.

We want it to be understood that contravention can lead to exclusion or even worse to a complaint. Moreover we want to clarify our position against discrimination of any kind as well as violence.  We will immediately take action to prevent such practices to create an enjoyable and relaxed time for every participant, because we are convinced with our wide range of activities we offer a far better alternative.

To avoid bitter disappointments, we would like to ask you to send at least once a letter into camp. Especially during their first camp this gesture is really enlightening for the kids, unless they sadly have to realize they didn’t get a letter.
We will ask you advance which way of contact you prefer. You can choose between the following three options:
1)    My child has a cell phone. Since I would like to support it in grow up, it should decide by itself whether and when it calls me / us.
2)    My child has a mobile phone and I expect it to call me / us every evening after dinner, even if it missed parts of the program.
3)    My child does not have a mobile phone; the counselors will contact me / us if it is necessary due to homesickness or illness. I agree with: No phone-> no contact and no news are good news!
Please stick to the chosen option during camp.
We advise to neither call the camp nor encourage your child to call you, even in case your child brought a private mobile phone. You may understand that this supports homesickness a lot. Rather remember to put a post-paid and labeled envelope(s) into your child’s luggage so he/she can send a letter back home.
The postal address of the camp can be found in the specific info pack, which contains particular information about the camp you booked.

Prohibited are pocket knives with lockable blade, all sorts of weapons, lighters and matches (fire hazard at the forest) as well as prior mentioned any sorts of drugs or alcohol or cigarettes.

We advise to forego bringing mobile phones, MP3-player, game boys, touch pads, e-books  or likewise and other valuables into camp. We do not take any liability or responsibility for these things and there will not be any place to charge them anyway. We are convinced that living and participating in camp can only work, if the kids do not constantly wear ear phones or spend time with their virtual friends and rather start participating on our program and get to know all those real kids.

Prior to taking on work as a Teamer we prove our counselors on the minimum age of 19 years, an extended first aid certificate (not older than 2 years) and a flawless police clearance certificate.  We try to ensure to have only well-known adults on our campground and have an eye on every stranger. We have many different camp sites. Some of them are enclosed but not all of them. We do not have armed security or similar, because we think that would affect a very unsafe feeling. We do not have a safety zone in Germany nor Ireland or Spain but we have an attentive and alert team and do everything within our power to guarantee a good time for our participants.

In the event of illness of your child during camp and the necessity of medical support you can take it for granted that our Teamer will take your child to the doctor for further medical care. For this reason it is important that every participant has his/her insurance card available in camp.

We provide the conclusion of a health and liability insurance to all our participants, which covers most costs in the event of illness and which does not require that kids have to thrust out the money. The detailed terms and conditions can be found on our Download page here.

During the whole time in camp our participants enjoy full board (which of course is included in the camp price).  Furthermore water and fruits will be provided during the whole day. Vegetarian dishes or Muslim dishes (without pork) will be offered at every meal. If allergies or diseases occur please let us know so we can try and find a solution.

At our Adventure Camps in Neuburg and Walsrode the participants are accommodated in tents which have a wooden floor. They will sleep in their own sleeping bags on camp beds. In Walsrode Junior campers (7-12) and Senior campers (12-16) can choose between tents and huts. In our huts the kids sleep in bunk beds with eight kids.
At all other camps our participants are accommodated in shared rooms at youth hostels, border schools or sports center of private schools. You can find the particular accommodation at the table of our homepage.

The particular shuttles and journeys we offer can be found on our webpage at the details of the relevant camp.

Details on the arrival and departure times can be found in the article of Arrival/Departure Info

The given price for train rides and flights is set on the location of arrival/ departure and whether it’s accompanied by one of our Teamers. The Rail&Camp Ticket (also a train ride) is not accompanied, which means participants with this ticket travel independently to camp. With the Rail&Camp Ticket you also get the shuttle from train station to camp.

In case your child flies as UM (unaccompanied minor) the airline will need the name of the guardian who will pick up your child. For the sake of simplicity you can use the name of our business manager. The Teamer who will welcome your child at the airport will have a letter of attorney, which legally entitles him/her to pick up your child, even if Mr. Vieth himself isn’t able to pick up your child.

Name: Jan-Albert Vieth, ID-Number: 132845630

The phone number of our shuttle direction is +49 (0) 40 4100 949 00.

In exchange we need to know the details of the person who will pick up your child on the day of departure at the destination airport.

In case you are planning on traveling independently to camp, please indicate this at the registration form. You will receive the address and description two weeks before the camp starts. For safety reasons you won’t find these details on our webpage.

The final payment is due unsolicited at the latest 4 weeks prior to departure/camp start.

You have the choice between transferring the money via credit card or transferring money by making a transferal giving the IBAN number.

The letter of invitation (Visa letter) can only get compiled once we have received the deposit. Then for sure you will get it on request.

Between our Downloads (webpage) you will find our General Info Pack. This includes general information’s and details about our camps. Two weeks before the camp starts you will automatically receive the detailed Info pack for the camp you have chosen.


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