Camp Adventure is an organization founded in 2002 by Jan Vieth and combines the positive elements of Canadian summer camps and German holiday-camps to offer children and young people from all over the world a unique and memorable adventure at summer camp. Key points to our camps are not only a focus on quality and safety but also ensuring that both Teamers and participants actively shape and create the program in camp.

Years of experience along with excellent and comprehensive training for our highly qualified Teamers, ensure that children and young people spend an exciting yet relaxing holiday with Camp Adventure. For several years we have cooperated with the organization Camp Europe e.V., which specializes in the search, selection and training of German and international Teamers and language coaches. With offices in Spain and Canada, Camp Europe is responsible for a great international mix of staff in our camps.
Whether student or athlete, artist or musician, we want the most heterogeneous mixture possible in our Teams so that our program can include a wide range expertise and experience. Most Teamers are between 19-35 years old and have experience working with children and young people.
We never put our money into major advertising campaigns, but mainly into Teamer recruitment, selection and training by Camp Europe. That is why we are lucky to always have so many applicants for our camps. All applicants go through an extensive personal interview. Our minimum conditions for Team Members: They must present a police clearance certificate, be at least 19 years old, have a valid first aid certificate and go through our one-week training course.
Our camp directors are responsible for the organization of our great camps. They are the contact for all parents and are responsible for the coordination and management of our teams. They already have several years of experience in our camps and help the Teamers with problems of all kinds.

Our language coaches are dedicated young native speakers who go through our intensive Teamer training for our unique language program. They receive a variety of methods, which they can use creatively and flexibly to fit the different requirements of our camps. Through the successful recruitment of native speaking Teamers for our language program, the campers have a special opportunity to communicate and interact in another language. They learn the language in a relaxed and authentic context. This is a huge advantage over school! International Teamers can also “represent" their country, so that the children not only learn the language but also about the people, culture and customs of various countries.
Do YOU feel inspired and want to be a Teamer as well? Just visit the page of CAMP EUROPE. There you will find all the information on the application!

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